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RC News Roundup for May 25, 2018

Comcast wants Fox, Deadpool wins box office records, the Obamas want to produce, and Netflix gets Disenchantment from Matt Groening.

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Getting Sidetracked #4: Insert Coin to Continue

Erik, Lou, and Tim take a look at the Ready Player One film in the context of how it differs from the book. Which changes were for the better? Which didn’t work? Don’t miss this episode of Getting Sidetracked!

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RC News Roundup for May 14, 2018: The Day the TV Died

Television has been canceled. At least, it certainly feels that way. Today we give you the latest on all the recent cancelations and renewals.

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Fangirl Confessional #2: Collecting Infinity Blahs

In an Infinity War sized episode, the Fangirls discuss their least favorite MCU movies, as well as the merits of “doing it for your country” and faking your death.

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Fangirl Confessional #0: Welcome!

Got fandom confessions? You’re not alone! Join the Fangirls in our intro episode as we discuss what we love, what we want to do, what we want to confess, and how they inspired us to create the Fangirl Confessional!

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April and Jay Have No Ideas #12: For All The Bananas

So this week, April and Jay jump into the world of apocalypse movies (and some tv), Jay feels betrayed by the Walking Dead, April is scandalized by Amazon products, and both feel like maybe they should post video of the show on YouTube. As always, April gives her fanfic pic, and the show starts with something neither…

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April and Jay Have No Ideas #11: Hat Full of Ideas

This week April and Jay had ZERO ideas…until they crowd sourced, and then they had more than they could shake a stick (or hat) at. They had some serious disagreements that almost ruined their friendship (Jay has STRONG opinions on Hanna-Barbera), played nerdy “would you rather”, and April gave her fanfic pick.

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April and Jay Have No Ideas #10: Fat White Sauce Bon Jovi

This week, April and Jay jump into the world of sequels. Jay has never seen Rocky(s), April is mad about Indiana Jones, and both are bad Italians. April also reads Jay’s drunken texts, and as always, gives fanfic picks no one really cares about.

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April and Jay Have No Ideas #9: Old Lady With Asthma

This week, April and Jay reboot their opening 3 times and then discuss tv and movie reboots. April gives her weekly fanfic pick, and there is an amazon review you have to hear to believe.

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The Tightbeam #1: Season One Overview

Welcome to The Tightbeam, covering the critically-acclaimed television and novel series, The Expanse! In our first episode, we prepare ourselves for the upcoming season three premiere by looking back at our favorite moments from season one.

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April and Jay Have No Ideas #8: April Gets Rickrolled

This week April and Jay talk about guilty pleasures…and it goes horribly wrong! Crazy erotic fiction is finally discussed, April brings back an old favorite, and Jay plays game master.

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April and Jay Have No Ideas #7: Price Gouging Time Loops and Poop Jokes

This week, April and Jay discuss time travel, (which makes April really angry), Jay gets stuck in his own time loop, and April tells some crazy stories from Amazon. April also tries to convince Jay that Toys R Us going out of business might be tragic, but his cool new Star Wars Nerf blaster says otherwise.

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RandomChatter #170: The Perfect Dad Joke

Reports indicate possible problems with Deadpool 2, trailers are released for several childhood reboots, and Toys R Us is no more. Special guest and new network host April joins Tim and Lou to discuss these topics and more on this week’s RandomChatter!

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