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Fangirl Confessional #5: Beanies, Barbies, and Beyblades

Join Lizzie, Shannon, and special guest host Keri in another nostalgia-filled episode as they discuss their favorite childhood toys, from Barbies with buzz cuts and DIY lightsabers, to cruising Little Mermaid cars and your near-worthless Beanie Baby Collection.

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April & Jay Have No Ideas #20: Steve Rogers: Gentle Husband

This week, April had 2 ideas that were great, and Jay agreed with 1. April and Jay discussed the best series finales ever, took a voicemail, and played Marry/Bang/Kill, much to Jay’s discomfort (and April’s glee).

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RandomChatter #183: Are My Drugs Real?

Star Trek: Discovery loses its show runners, Millie Bobby Brown loses her patience with Twitter hatred, Chris Hardwick loses his fans, AT&T gains Time Warner, Apple gains Oprah, Netflix gains video games, and a police department offers free testing for your illegal drugs. Go figure.

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Getting Sidetracked #5: Floppy Bacon

Andrea presents Erik and Shannon with a barrage of popular/unpopular opinions, which they have to decide are either true or false. These range from silly (“Bacon is overrated”) to serious (“Money really can buy happiness”). This may be our most unusual episode yet, so be sure to join us for this week’s Getting Sidetracked!

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April and Jay Have No Ideas #18: The Adventures of Yank and Doodle

This week April and Jay discuss canceled tv shows. April gets carried away and wants to talk about everything, Jay tries to reign her in, April takes revenge when Jay talks about ridiculous superheroes, and as always, April gives her fanfic pick.

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April and Jay Have No Ideas #17: The Dumb Man’s Hawking

This week April and jay have their first guest! They talk about books, learn more about each other through book preferences (spoiler alert, April is 12 years old inside and Jay was a weird kid), Jay does some amazon reviews, and April gives her fanfic pick.

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