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April and Jay Have No Ideas #23: Dumpster Fire with Tires on Top

Jay is still on vacation, so April has another guest! April welcomes Mike from The Caped Chronicles and they discuss MCU and DCEU and try to be civil while doing it. As Mike said, “we talked about everything from what’s right with Antman, to movie theater etiquette, to dancing babies” (cue southern drawl). So enjoy April and Mike finally having the showdown no one was waiting for…

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April and Jay Have No Ideas #22: April but not Jay

This week, Jay is on vacation so April welcomes Dr. Raven herself, Robin, back to the show. Robin and April discuss Game of Thrones and throw themselves into the world of speculation on the upcoming season. Robin has a love for Tyrion like no other and she doesn’t quite get April’s love for Gendry. As usual Jon Snow knows nothing, much like the 2 academics discussing what is going to happen next season.

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April and Jay Have No Ideas #21: Poop for Sale

This week, April and Jay talk comic books. They also discuss the heavy topic of toxicity in nerd culture. April reads a terribly long and confusing Craigslist ad and forgoes her fanfic pick for a real book pick and Jay laughs so hard he snorts.

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Fangirl Confessional #5: Beanies, Barbies, and Beyblades

Join Lizzie, Shannon, and special guest host Keri in another nostalgia-filled episode as they discuss their favorite childhood toys, from Barbies with buzz cuts and DIY lightsabers, to cruising Little Mermaid cars and your near-worthless Beanie Baby Collection.

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April & Jay Have No Ideas #20: Steve Rogers: Gentle Husband

This week, April had 2 ideas that were great, and Jay agreed with 1. April and Jay discussed the best series finales ever, took a voicemail, and played Marry/Bang/Kill, much to Jay’s discomfort (and April’s glee).

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RandomChatter #183: Are My Drugs Real?

Star Trek: Discovery loses its show runners, Millie Bobby Brown loses her patience with Twitter hatred, Chris Hardwick loses his fans, AT&T gains Time Warner, Apple gains Oprah, Netflix gains video games, and a police department offers free testing for your illegal drugs. Go figure.

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