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RC News Roundup for May 25, 2018

Comcast wants Fox, Deadpool wins box office records, the Obamas want to produce, and Netflix gets Disenchantment from Matt Groening.

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April & Jay Have No Ideas #16: Harrowing Tales of Misadventure

This week, April and Jay discuss plot twists and spoil the heck out of everything…or at least they try to until they realize they would spoil each other on things they want the other to see unspoiled. April gives her fanfic pic and also does some Craigslist ads. Jay does a guest Craigslist ad when April balks on one. This ep is definitely not safe for work because it gets gross.

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April & Jay Have No Ideas #15: Good Bad Guys and Bad Bad Guys

This week April and Jay are exhausted, both emotionally and physically and do their best to talk best and worst villains. In an effort to not run out of ads and reviews, April reads Jay some ridiculous things from history. As always there’s the fanfic pick.

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Getting Sidetracked #4: Insert Coin to Continue

Erik, Lou, and Tim take a look at the Ready Player One film in the context of how it differs from the book. Which changes were for the better? Which didn’t work? Don’t miss this episode of Getting Sidetracked!

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RC News Roundup for May 14, 2018: The Day the TV Died

Television has been canceled. At least, it certainly feels that way. Today we give you the latest on all the recent cancelations and renewals.

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Fangirl Confessional #2: Collecting Infinity Blahs

In an Infinity War sized episode, the Fangirls discuss their least favorite MCU movies, as well as the merits of “doing it for your country” and faking your death.

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April & Jay Have No Ideas #14: In This Economy!?

This week, April and Jay jump into plot holes and potentially ruin movies for each other. As usual April gives her fanfic pic, and there’s more ridiculous Craigslist ads and Amazon reviews.

This episode is definitely not safe for work or life.

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