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GMCU #61: Deadpool and the Marvel Knights

In this episode of Guardians of the MCU Jon and Tim talk about the future of Deadpool in the MCU, some potential offerings on Marvel TV, a bit of Sony news, and they wrap up by talking about Endgame bonus material and observations from Endgame.

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GMCU #60: Is Doom Doomed?

In this episode of Guardians of the MCU… the hosts are back! Endgame is out on disk, Doom might be doomed, Jeph Loeb and Kevin Feige say things, and Lord and Miller have more Marvel projects. Lizzie got beeped… twice. We also feature some exclusive weird audio issues!

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DCT #55: We Want Lobo!

is week on DC Talk, Mikke and Keri look at the awesomeness that is Crisis news, discuss the series finale of Swamp Thing and ask the question that is on everyone’s mind; Where the heck is Lobo?!?! ***Warning*** Small Agents of Shield spoiler at the beginning of the episode.

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SC #10: Decision Fatigue

Erik’s “short circuit” for this week is on something you may know very well—Decision Fatigue. Yes, it’s a real thing. And while it’s typically discussed in the context of consumerism or in a business setting, it also affects our media consumption. And Erik wants to know—how do you deal with it?

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