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MC #197: No Tricks, Just Treats

It’s Halloween Season on MovieChatter! We open up the season with a look at what we do or don’t like about scary movies (or, in some cases, non-scary Halloween movies), from modern psychological thrillers to the 80’s slasher movies to the old monster classics. And if you’d like to prepare for our upcoming episodes, be sure to check out 1408, Zombieland, Cube, and others we mention near the end of the episode! And hopefully Erik can convince Lou and Robin to watch This Is the End by the time the kids come knocking at our doors on the 31st!

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MC #195: All About Bob

On this episode of MovieChatter we decided to do something new—this episode is actor-focused. We take a look at someone who was once considered un-hirable who then became one of the 100 most influential people [Time Magazine] and the highest-paid actor in Hollywood three years in a row [Forbes]. This week, we take a look at Robert Downey Jr.

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MC #194: A Very Animated Episode

This week MovieChatter tackles animated films! Yes, we have the obligatory Disney movies, but we go beyond that and discuss Mask of the Phantasm, A Scanner Darkly, and several others. And what makes a film animated? If the remake of The Lion King counts, does Avatar? And if not Avatar, then why A Scanner Darkly? And what about the Star Wars movies? Don’t miss this debate and a list of our favorite animated shows, and come join us in Discord to discuss your favorites!

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MovieChatter #191: Blast from the Past

Each modern generation has been defined by advances in technology or pop culture. Lou and Erik grew up during the advent of VHS tapes and premium cable services, making movies more accessible than ever before, and as a result, becoming one of the first generations affected heavily by film. In this episode, they discuss their favorite movies from their childhood, including classics like Back to the Future, Aliens, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Gremlins, The Goonies, and much more!

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MovieChatter #190: Avengers Endgame? Watchable.

“Watchable.” Yes, when asked to give an overall opinion of Avengers: Endgame, that’s actually how one of our hosts responded. But which host was it? And what did the others think? Join Erik & Lou, with special guests Fred & Andrea, as they discuss character development, plot, what they liked and disliked, their favorite moments, and much more! [NOTE: This episode includes MASSIVE SPOILERS for Avengers: Endgame!]

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