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RC 256: Lizzie 2, Tim 0

It’s impossible to avoid coronavirus-related discussions, as it’s affected every aspect of the entertainment industry, from movies to sports to streaming. However, we’ve seen some good things happening amidst the current circumstances too! So this week on RandomChatter, we bring you updates on the latest effects on the industry, and we also share some positive news as well!

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RC 255: A Quiet Place: The Musical

We’ve got more event closures to announce, as well as films being rescheduled. But we’ve also got a 50-show launch date for Quibi! And rave reviews for A Quiet Place 2! And Taika Waititi doing two Charlie and the Chocolate Factory projects for Netflix!

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RC Special: What you need to know about… Coronavirus/COVID19

Coronavirus (aka COVID19) is a big topic these days. Tim and Jon are professional emergency managers and wanted to bring you some good, accurate information on this public health matter, which can impact you at home, work, traveling, fan conventions, and your community. Stay safe and WASH YOUR HANDS!!!

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RandomChatter Bonusode – It’s RandomChatter Time!

Lou and Tim have a quick discussion about some exciting Star Wars news and some initially shocking Disney information… then we get to our main event – an interview with the awesome Faruq Tauheed from BattleBots! Enjoy!

Note: This bonusode was released first to Bonus and Premium Patreon members.

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RC #250: Shifty Statistics

Experts can make numbers look like anything they want, and we’re seeing that in action right now from both Netflix and Apple about their streaming results. They might be happy, but we’re not. We also get news about some other streaming projects that have been approved or canceled, and we sing Happy Birthday (badly) to Tim!

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