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DC Talk Episode #38: Disney World is Torture!

This week on DC Talk, Mike and Keri take over the Randomchatter Network since everyone else is at Star Wars Celebration! They discuss the awesomeness of Tom Welling returning to the Arrowverse and then wonder why Mick hates Disney World on DCTV discussion.

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The Tightbeam #23: The Hot Goss on The Expanse RPG

Andrea, Shannon, and Fred dip into casting news, the release of Tiamat’s Wrath (no spoilers!), and PHLCC, before diving right into an in depth discussion of the Kickstarter backer’s release of the RPG, and what to expect if the hosts play a campaign.

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Guardians of the MCU #40: On the Set of Captain Marvel

Liz and Tim are joined again by Jovial Jay to talk about the return of MCU shows, the Captain Marvel box office, and the future of Spider-Man. They are then joined by Samantha Gardella, who worked as a production assistant on the set of Captain Marvel!

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