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Echo Base #147: It’s a Movie, Not an Event

Are we treating Star Wars films differently than we treat other films (including other tentpole films)? It seems fans often treat Star Wars films as “events,” but might that be setting our expectations up for failure? This week we welcome Katie as a permanent host on Echo Base to look at Solo‘s performance at the box office and what it means (or doesn’t mean) to the world of Star Wars fandom. We then record an extended discussion segment with a spoiler-filled discussion of the Solo film (but don’t worry, we give plenty of spoiler warnings!).

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Echo Base #143: The Coming Resistance

Now that Lucasfilm has dropped the news about Star Wars Resistance, what can we expect from the series? Will we get returning characters? What do we think of the focus on pilots and the spy mission? Will people be turned-off by the art style? Join us here at Echo Base to discuss this and much more!

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