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ALSP #10: What Makes Something Feel Like Star Wars?

What makes something “feel like Star Wars” to you? This is a question often asked when people are comparing new Star Wars content to what’s come before. But given that the release of Star Wars content spans several decades, the “feel” of the content is going to change over the years. So what defines the “feel” of Star Wars?

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Echo Base #143: The Coming Resistance

Now that Lucasfilm has dropped the news about Star Wars Resistance, what can we expect from the series? Will we get returning characters? What do we think of the focus on pilots and the spy mission? Will people be turned-off by the art style? Join us here at Echo Base to discuss this and much more!

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Echo Base #141: Force Trolls

Will Yoda return in Episode 9 to troll Rey as a Force ghost? Will Luke return to troll Kylo Ren? We may have to wait to find out, but we did get a famous sci-fi author trolling Star Wars fans. Join us here at Echo Base as we discuss these topics and much more!

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