LOCATION: Jane Foster Apartment (1B Southwark St, London SE1 1RQ, UK)
SHOW: Thor: The Dark World, 2013

Nothing beats hard work. Except luck. I won’t say I found this location purely on luck. It was scientifically derived, but in the end, it was pretty lucky!

In the end credit scene of Thor: The Dark World, we get an exterior shot of a building, and then cut to see Thor on Jane’s balcony. Anyone familiar with film and filmmaking knows that just because you see two pieces of film edited together, doesn’t mean that the locations of those two places are the same. Often, filmmakers will shoot exteriors one place, and film the interiors on a soundstage or entirely different location. It’s just the nature of the process. So I had no way to be sure that these two locations were connected. But, the interior shot did show some of London’s skyline, and that was a good enough place to start.

I could see the London Gherkin (30 St Mary Axe) in the background, another tall building and a church. That was enough to start with. Using Google Maps 3D view, I tried to recreate the background, lining up the Gherkin and the building, and then backing up until I could see a church on the right.

When I thought I had it, I dropped down to street view, and gosh-darn-it if I wasn’t right in front of the building from the exterior shot! That’s luck! (informed by a scientific method!)

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