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Echo Base #121: Reaching a New Audience

What would it take for a live-action Star Wars television series to be successful with the non-fan, mainstream audience? What is it about other series that make them so successful? This week we take a look at the announcement of a live-action Star Wars series, the Jedi Challenge AR headset, new Galaxy’s Edge details, and more!

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RandomChatter #157: No Justice for Justice League

Justice League has the worst opening of any DCU film, and fans on both sides are up in arms. Meanwhile, _The Punisher_ lands on Netflix, Sam Mendes is free for more Bond, and Amazon brings us more of Middle Earth. Erik fills in for Lizzie this week, as he joins Lou and Tim for a Justice-packed episode of RandomChatter!

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RandomChatter #156: Loulessness

Liz takes the helm as Lou is out this week. Her and Tim give the week’s box office update and preview next week’s theater releases. Jack Black takes on the God of Thunder, Deadpool pops up in the most unlikely of places, and Liz and Tim talk about Disney’s rumored attempt to buy Fox.

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RandomChatter #155: From the Lion King to the Xenomorphs

Join Liz and Team Bald Guy as they talk about the week’s box office take, update the Random Chatter Movie Draft, and talk about what they are watching. They talk about the pros and cons of removing the infamous xenomorph from the Alien franchise, the return of The Orville, the newly announced cast of the Lion King, and more!

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Echo Base #119: Disney Domination

The Mouse-House meddles with movie money, mergers, the media, and much more! Disney puts some big restrictions on theaters, considers purchasing 20th Century Fox, and goes to war with the LA Times. We take a look at how all of this affects Star Wars, as Erik returns to join Lou and Tim here at Echo Base!

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