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ETD 1: Cobra Kai Season 1

On the inaugural episode of Enter the Dojo, Keri, Mike, and Shannon discuss the entire first season of Cobra Kai. They discuss the style of martial arts used in Cobra Kai and discuss and review key moments from season 1. It’s time to Enter the Dojo.

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GMCU 125: Honor the Actor and the Franchise

Welcome back Marvel Maniacs! Tim, Sheba, and Jon are back with a WandaVision release date, some updates on Thor: Love & Thunder and Guardians of the Galaxy 3, holiday shopping, and discussion on how to approach Black Panther 2. We also cover some highlights of The Wakanda Files and profile Maria Hill, the on-again off-again Director of SHIELD.

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RC 304: Wondering about Wonder Woman—Christmas or Next Summer?

Wonder Woman 84 might come to streaming just a couple of weeks after its Christmas theatrical debut… or it might not even hit theaters until the summer! Disney talks about their streaming success, David Fincher stirs up some controversy, and we’ve got more renewals, cancelations, and live-action reboots!

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DCT 125: I Am Peacemaker

This week on DC Talk, lots of Peacemaker reveals, Wonder Woman thoughts, Snyderverse news and Braniac Attacks!

Link to the Suicide Prevention Darkseid Shirts:

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