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Echo Base #130: Poe Just Got Lawyered!

Special guest and former JAG officer Tom Harper (ZZZ, @xxx) joins us to discuss some of the more controversial military and legal issues presented in The Last Jedi. Was the “Holdo Maneuver” feasible? Was Poe justified in his mutiny? In what circumstances is it acceptable to disobey a direct order? Additionally, with the final Rebels episodes on the horizon, what will be the fates of our favorite characters? Join us here at Echo Base for a discussion you won’t want to miss!

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RC News Roundup for January 30, 2018

Saudi gets Emoji, Oscars and Razzies get nominations, mutant movies get moved, and Cloverfield 4 is already finished..? Plus lots of renewals and cancelations in this week’s RandomChatter News Roundup.

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RandomChatter #163: Even More Remakes

Amongst a flood of remakes already in production, now Heathers gets a remake. And are we also getting a Crocodile Dundee remake starring Danny McBride? Special guest Jon Stewart (no, not that one) joins Lou and Tim for this week’s RandomChatter.

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ALSP #5: Perspective

We talked before about expectations, and this time we’re talking about perspective. Your perspective affects your opinion, so what was your perspective while watching The Last Jedi? Erik talks about his own perspective and how that affected whether he liked the film, and he looks at the perspectives of Finn and Luke and why those perspectives are important.

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Echo Base #127: Waiting for Solo

LEGO leaks some Solo ship designs and character names, though Lucasfilm still hasn’t given us a trailer, and they’re running out of time. Also, Ewan McGregor talks Kenobi, The Last Jedi gets a possible DVD release date, John Williams is doing a theme for Solo, and much more!

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ALSP #4: The Success Equation and Fan Expectations

There’s a very simple equation for determining success, and it explains why we have a massive rift within the Star Wars fan community every time there’s a new film. No, there was no rift with Rogue One, but the equation explains that too. Lucasfilm will continue to be in a lose-lose situation with each new release, and that will continue until fans can change their perspectives of their own expectations.

In this episode, Erik explains how audience members for each new Star Wars are like Luke entering the cave on Dagobah—they’re taking too much in with them.

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