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SC #11: Grown Male Nerd Childs

Erik’s back with more Short Circuits! Yet another celebrity started a war with fandom, and it’s apparent he doesn’t even understand what he was attacking (though I have no doubt the enraged overreactions only served to reinforce his opinions). However, Erik agrees that this celebrity is justified in being upset—if not in the way he handled things, nor in his attitude toward those who don’t share his entertainment preferences. Check out this week’s Short Circuits for more, then head into Discord to share your thoughts!

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SC #10: Decision Fatigue

Erik’s “short circuit” for this week is on something you may know very well—Decision Fatigue. Yes, it’s a real thing. And while it’s typically discussed in the context of consumerism or in a business setting, it also affects our media consumption. And Erik wants to know—how do you deal with it?

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SC #9: Just Like I Never Left

Short Circuits is back! Now that Erik’s schedule is freeing up, we’ll be bringing you new episodes of Short Circuits each week. In this episode, Erik talks about the future of the show, shares a personal update, recommends some good podcasts he likes, and more!

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Short Circuits #7: Pushing Us Too Far

On Tuesday, Netflix is releasing a reality special called The Push, in which an unsuspecting participant is put through a social experiment in which he’s barraged with peer pressure in an attempt to commit murder. For real (or at least, so he believes). Not surprisingly, Erik has some things to say about this.

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