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AJHNI 55: Bellionaires

This week, April and Jay are back after a long and unplanned hiatus. We bring Jay’s wife, Sharon, on for a discussion about our latest obsession, Animal Crossing. We get drunk, talk about this dumb game, and have a good time. Our posting will probably be sporadic, but hey! we have new content.

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AJHNI #53: Podcasting Metamucil

This week April and Jay return after a longer than anticipated summer hiatus. Jay breaks down all the important D23 announcements, Spiderman news, and every other tidbit he can think of…April is a good sport about it. April also reads some hilariously offensive cards against humanity answers.

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April and Jay Have No Ideas Episode #50: Billie Eilish Scares us

This week April and Jay discuss a bunch of random pop culture things. April gets a little tipsy and choked up about her love for Keanu Reeves, Jay makes fun of her for it, they argue about something, and April spoils Dark Phoenix. Also soft core porn meets Clue.

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April and Jay Have No Ideas Episode #49: A Drunk Podcast in the Hand…

This week April and Jay get drunk…well Jay had a head start and April caught up to him during the episode. Chaos ensued and it’s probably a dumpster fire. Stay tuned after the end credits to hear some bonus material of Jay not knowing he was being recorded and April’s dog trying to kill her

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April and Jay Have No Ideas Episode #46: Funneling Niagara Falls Through a Straw

This week, April and Jay talk about Game of Thrones, (spoilers abound from 19 minutes to 56 minutes). They also talk the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Jay attempts to read an amazon review that April still doesn’t understand…

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