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RC 411: Streaming Costs & Studio Sales

One of the biggest, longest-running movie studios may be up for sale! And what will no longer be for sale is any physical media at Best Buy — and we’re going to talk about why that might matter to you. We’re also going to talk about a generation that wants LESS sexual content in their media, and it’s probably who you think. We’re going to break down the state of streaming prices, the box office results, and much more on this episode of RandomChatter!

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RC 410: Halloween Hijinks (and reviews!)

A fourth-grade class gets a horror movie surprise, Blizzard bundles blood in a Diablo 4 giveaway, the Actors Guild causes controversy with costumes, and The Marvels may struggle at the box office. This weekend also gave us two major and highly-rated video game releases! We also review the Frasier relaunch, Fall of the House of Usher, Bodies, and much more!

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RC 409: Don’t Cross the Streams

Streaming services are continuing to increase their prices, even despite including ads and removing content. Some surprising shows are dominating the streaming charts, some surprising movies are coming from Mattel, James Gunn clears up DCU canon questions, and one movie has made back more than its budget without having been released yet!

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