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ChordCast #11: The Pepperoni Bagels

Joelle & Chris are joined by listener of the show, Greg, to discuss whether or not the music industry is over-saturated with artists, as well as the impact of social media on music! Also, stay through the credits to hear a little bit of bonus content!

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ChordCast #10: Punch Us In The Face, Chester!

In the first (or is it third?) double-digit episode of The ChordCast, Joelle & Chris take a deep dive into some controversial comments made by Linkin Park singer, Chester Bennington, and discuss whether or not bands can truly “sell out.” Joelle also takes one for the team and reacts live to the new track by Muse!

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ChordCast #8: Maple Syrup

The ChordCast makes its triumphant return in an episode full of “bests!” Joelle describes her “best day ever,” she & Chris introduce a new segment called The Taste Test (aka “the best segment ever”), and they tease the next episode of the podcast (aka “the best interview ever”)! Plus, there’s a special guest appearance!

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ChordCast #6: The Rump Shaker Strikes Back

Joelle & Chris are reunited at last for the final episode of 2016! Erik Blythe joins us this time for a discussion on holiday music (featuring one of his famous rants). The trio also reveal their 2016 awards. What was the best album of the year? Or the most disappointing? Find this out and more on the latest edition of The ChordCast!

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