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Outer Rim #81: Blue Milk Buzz

We’re here at the week of Star Wars Celebration, which means that the news is bit light this week. Chris, Mike, & Lindsey talk about the just-announced anthology book, Rogue One releasing DVD/Blu-ray, and how we might actually be seeing actual footage of Carrie Fisher in Episode IX after all. They also predict what they will see come out of the convention this weekend!

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Outer Rim #80: Yeah, Buddy!

This week on The Outer Rim, Chris is joined by Ernie from The Retro Convo and Ghost Stories podcasts! In a follow-up to last week’s news that Disney wants to continue making Star Wars content for the next 15 years, the two have a discussion about a potential leak that outlines the plans for what exactly the future holds! But don’t worry, you won’t find any spoilers here!

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Outer Rim #78: Space Rabbits

More news continues to come out about Star Wars Celebration as we get closer to the event! Gareth Edwards also clarifies some Rogue One deleted scenes talk, the new Star Wars park at Disney gets a sneak peak, and expect to see more movies featuring new characters in the future! The gang reunites on this week’s episode of The Outer Rim!

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Outer Rim #75: An Anniversary at Celebration

On this week’s episode of The Outer Rim, Star Wars will be celebrating its 40th anniversary with a special opening panel at Celebration Orlando. Meanwhile, Rogue One is coming to DVD & Blu-ray, and is the original trilogy finally getting an HD release in its unaltered state?

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Outer Rim #74: Here’s to the Real Winner

We’ve got a lengthy episode of The Outer Rim for you this week! The trio discuss the announcement of The Last Jedi panel coming to Celebration, as well as the official return of Force Friday. Meanwhile, John Williams wins another Grammy for Star Wars, we have a new R2-D2, there is a new novel coming out in the summer, and is Rebels ending with *gasp* Star Wars: Underworld taking its place? Plus, Chris talks to Patreon donor Kyle about collecting Star Wars autographs, his reaction to Felicity Jones coming to Celebration Orlando, and what to expect from the convention in April! You don’t want to miss this one!

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Outer Rim #73: La La Star Wars Land

The full crew is back on The Outer Rim! Chris, Mike, and Lindsey have a discussion on the news that “Star Wars Land” is coming to both Disney parks in 2019 as well as what to expect from it, and also talk about Felicity Jones’ autograph pricing at Star Wars Celebration Orlando. A new Marvel comic book crossover, Force Friday, and the removal of The Clone Wars from Netflix round out the headlines, so join us for all this and more on this week’s episode!

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Outer Rim #72: Han’s First Shot

News is a little light on this week’s episode of The Outer Rim. The Han Solo movie did begin filming (though Chris still isn’t very excited for it), and the Special Editions turn 20, so Chris & Mike discuss these things and a few other news items, and also read some feedback from listener, Ahron!

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