Author: Erik

RC 398: Streaming Results for 2022

Which shows and movies dominated the streaming charts this past year? The Nielsen results are in, and we’re going to take a look at the top streaming originals, acquisitions, movies, and more. Also, though not yet on the overall charts, Glass Onion had the best week in streaming history! Wizards of the Coast backpedals on the Dungeons & Dragons license! And Fox drops the ball yet again!

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RC 396: Big Debuts, Twitter Apps Die, Disney Locks Release Dates

The Last of Us sees the second-biggest HBO debut in twelve years! Twitter bans third-party apps due to violating rules it hadn’t yet written, a favorite kids show returns, and Disney locks in theatrical release dates for the next several years. We’ve also got cancellations, renewals, and more on this week’s RandomChatter!

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FC 48: Andor Arrives!

Tom, Lou, and Erik take a look at the first three episodes of Andor! How does this series differ from what’s come before? We were a bit surprised by some of the things that stood out and the ways in which this differs from what has come before. So join us as we give our thoughts on Andor!

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