Author: Erik

FC 48: Andor Arrives!

Tom, Lou, and Erik take a look at the first three episodes of Andor! How does this series differ from what’s come before? We were a bit surprised by some of the things that stood out and the ways in which this differs from what has come before. So join us as we give our thoughts on Andor!

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MC 273: Mythic Quest

Mythic Quest is like putting The Office, Community, and World of Warcraft into a blender, tossing in some It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and a bit of social media influencers, and pouring out a delicious drink of… well, not sure exactly where that analogy’s going, but who wouldn’t love putting social media influencers into a blender? 😉

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FC 45: A Day Long Remembered

“Today will be a day long remembered. It has seen the end of Kenobi…” and so have we! Join us as we discuss our thoughts on the finale, on the series overall, and even on the original ending as we speculate on what this series might hold for the future of Star Wars!

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