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RC #241: Dad Jokes

Welcome back to RandomChatter! Coppola takes Scorsese’s statement on Marvel films and goes even further with it, calling the films “despicable,” Disney launches a 3.5-hour long trailer for their streaming service, Tarantino refuses to accommodate China’s censors, and Joker is set to become the top grossing R-rated movie ever!

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RC #240: Mendes, Monsters, and Scorsese

On this episode of RandomChatter: We discuss the original “cinematic universe” — and no, it has nothing to do with superheroes. And nor does Scorsese, according to a recent statement he made about the Marvel movies. Also, Sam Mendes is going to do a war pic in a single shoot, Downey Jr. opts out of Oscar recognition, and we get some new trailers!

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MC #197: No Tricks, Just Treats

It’s Halloween Season on MovieChatter! We open up the season with a look at what we do or don’t like about scary movies (or, in some cases, non-scary Halloween movies), from modern psychological thrillers to the 80’s slasher movies to the old monster classics. And if you’d like to prepare for our upcoming episodes, be sure to check out 1408, Zombieland, Cube, and others we mention near the end of the episode! And hopefully Erik can convince Lou and Robin to watch This Is the End by the time the kids come knocking at our doors on the 31st!

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RC #238: Back Together Again (for the Spider-Kid)

On this RandomChatter: Sony and Marvel Studios just can’t quit each other! They’re back together again for the next Spider-Man movie… and beyond? Also, press interviews for Joker get canceled, the Superbowl halftime show gets its singers, and The Far Side may be returning!

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RC #237: Abrams to the Rescue?

On this RandomChatter: J.J. Abrams signs a deal with Warner Bros. Is this for original Bad Robot content, or do they plan to use him to revitalize the DC movies? Given his work on doing that with Star Trek and Star Wars, are we excited about this or concerned?

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EB #189: A Marvel-ous Galaxy!

It’s an Echo Base double-header this week! Kevin Feige joins Star Wars! He’s going to have Palpatine snap his finger and eliminate half the life in the galaxy! Well, maybe not. But still, it’s got everyone speculating as to what this may bring to our galaxy far, far away. Also, Debrah Chow will be directing Kenobi! And we’ve got Force Friday news for you! Don’t miss this episode of Echo Base!

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EB #188: No Waiting for the Netherlands

The Netherlands has already been watching Disney+! We go over some of the early reports and technical details. We also learn that the writers of A Quiet Place turned down an opportunity to work on a Star Wars film, that Lucasfilm Animation has a new logo, and that a popular superhero director might be being considered for one of the Benioff & Weiss films!

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2019 Fall Movie Draft

Welcome to the 2019 Fall Movie Draft! This time around, we’ve got some new rules to help all the players get a piece of the biggest movies—Frozen 2, Jumanji: The Next Level, and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker! We’ve also got Joker, Terminator, Zombieland, and much more!

Don’t forget to play along! You can head over to and follow the instructions there to join our audience draft! And this time around, the winner will get a free RandomChatter t-shirt!

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EB #187: More Mando, More Maul?

Echo Base is bringing you more Mando news! The Mandolorian has just added another cast member, and the show creators talk about how this character is fundamentally different from the famous helmeted bounty hunters we’ve seen in the past. Also, are the rumors about seeing Darth Maul again true? One probably not, and one may be a good bet. To learn more, check out this week’s episode of Echo Base!

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ForceChatter Special: Episode 9 Trailer Discussion

Join us for this all-star ForceChatter Network special! The hosts of Echo Base and The Outer Rim team up to discuss the new Episode 9 footage. Whether it’s classified as a trailer or a sizzle reel, this new footage has some pretty interesting reveals for the upcoming film!

NOTE: We keep this episode spoiler-free, but we do discuss speculation on the footage shown, and some of that (if accurate) might give you more of an idea of upcoming content than you want. It’s spoiler-free, but proceed with caution!

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MC #195: All About Bob

On this episode of MovieChatter we decided to do something new—this episode is actor-focused. We take a look at someone who was once considered un-hirable who then became one of the 100 most influential people [Time Magazine] and the highest-paid actor in Hollywood three years in a row [Forbes]. This week, we take a look at Robert Downey Jr.

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