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Undress the mannequins, because Team Arrow is “Disbanded”.

GJ #518: Disbanded
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Show Notes:

Undress the mannequins, because Team Arrow is “Disbanded”. After being tortured by Adrian Chase, Oliver is broken. He can’t continue fighting and won’t let anyone else do it for him either. But he can’t just let Chase get away with all that he has done, so he asks Anatoly to have the Bratva kill him. That will cost a heavy, ethical price though and Diggle isn’t willing to let Oliver pay it. With the help of Helix, Felicity has what she needs to reveal Chase as Prometheus to the world. So now Chase is on the loose and out for vengeance. Jay and Josh try to figure themselves out, in order to be happy, on this week’s episode of Green Justice: An Arrow Podcast. Listen in and justice will be served…to your MP3 player!