2017 Spring Movie Draft

Check back here for updates to our RandomChatter Movie Draft!

Would you like to play in our Spring Movie Draft?

Here’s how it works…

  • The goal is to spend your credits to purchase a group of films that, collectively, will bring the highest possible domestic box office total.
  • You have 100 credits to spend.
  • You are not “bidding.” Rather, you are “purchasing” films at the prices from the RandomChatter #133 episode. For example, during the episode, if Nate had the winning bid for The Founder at 10 credits, you would have to spend 10 credits to add The Founder to your list.

Here’s what you need to do…

  1. You have 100 credits to spend. Review the spreadsheet below, and select your movies based on the prices in the “Bid” column.
  2. CLICK HERE to send an email to randomchatter@randomchatter.com with the title “Spring Movie Draft“. Give us your selection of movies. Be sure to include your name, nickname, or alias as you want it to appear on the publicly-seen spreadsheet!

That’s it!

Submissions are due by MIDNIGHT ET, on APRIL 7!

NOTE: If you go over the 100 credits, we will remove the cheapest film(s) from your list until your total bid is 100 or less. You are not required to spend all 100 credits. Also, one submission per participant please!

Have fun! And good luck!

You can view by film or by team using the tabs at the bottom.