(NOTE: This was previously posted to RandomChatter.com as “ForceChatter #1” on January 15th, 2017.)

Welcome to the latest Star Wars podcast on the RandomChatter Network! For the time being, you can call us ForceChatter! Each week, hosts Chris McGuffin, Lindsey Cepak, and Mike Templeton will be providing insightful, diverse, and engaging discussion on the latest news from everyone’s favorite galaxy far, far away! On our debut episode, we talk about the Woody Harrelson casting for the upcoming Han Solo film, the future of Leia Organa without Carrie Fisher, some teases from Rian Johnson regarding Episode VIII, plus much more! Take a listen and let us know what you think!

Until we decide on a name for the podcast, we won’t have an iTunes feed, so just subscribe to the main network feed or check RandomChatter.com for weekly episode updates.

Opening/Closing Music is “Prologue” by Jesse Harlin from Star Wars: Republic Commando

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