SHIELD: Case Files
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The “End of the Beginning” is at hand and Coulson has a plan to catch the Clairvoyant!

SHIELD #116: End of the Beginning
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Show Notes:

The “End of the Beginning” is at hand! Coulson has a plan to catch the Clairvoyant. He’ll bring in some of SHIELD’s top agents, including Agent Victoria Hand. Deathlok is going to try his best not to let that happen, and when he gets an arm upgrade and a message from his “eye” phone to meet the Clairvoyant, SHIELD follows him right to the suspected mind-reader. But it’s not all going as planned. The bad guy doesn’t move much, Deathlok gets away, Ward just takes matters into his own hands, and Fitz finds some suspicious goings-on with Agent May, and we’re not even sure we’ve got the right Clairvoyant. Tune in to this week’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Case Files and hear Jay and Josh break it all down faster than a wall in front of Deathlok. Download now, to decrypt the data-stream directly to your MP3 player!