SHIELD: Case Files
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Hold on, because we are about to feel some “Aftershocks”!

SHIELD #211: Aftershocks
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Show Notes:

Hold on, because we are about to feel some “Aftershocks”! The mysterious obelisk may have been destroyed, but Skye is being held in quarantine until she can be determined to be safe. But how safe is she? Nobody may be safe if Raina’s new pokey persona gets to them. Plus, everyone on the team seems to be a little uptight as they continue to snap at each other. So, to ease the tension, they work up a scheme to use their HYDRA prisoner Bakshi to get them to kill each other. Josh and Jay seek shelter under a door frame as we return from a long break to this week’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Case Files. Download now, to decrypt the data-stream directly to your MP3 player!