We’ve got a doozy for you this week, but first two trailers dropped on the day we recorded this. The first trailer we talked about was The Power Rangers movie, and oh boy were we spoiled with this trailer. We finally get to see Bryan Cranston as Zordon, we see Alpha 5, Putties, and The Mega Zord fighting Goldar. Logan dropped another trailer as well, the Red Band trailer really shows that this is going out with a bang.

Today’s episode we decided to take it back to 1981, and also it’s our first Kurt Russell film review of The Retro Convo. The crime rate has gone up 400 percent and New York is turned into a massive prison. Snake Plissken makes a deal to help the President of the United States out for leniency on his prison term. We are taken through a dark world of Crazies, Survivors, and The Duke. Enjoy our latest episode of The Retro Convo.


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