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Echo Base #149: Woke Porgs

Lou, Katie, and Erik take a look at what’s going on behind the current state of fandom and how to move forward in a positive, constructive way. We also take a look at what Jim Rash (Community) reveals about his upcoming role on Star Wars Resistance, the new Star Wars game announced at E3, some book announcements, and a lot of tangents!

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Dispatches From the Front #6 – Bastogne

Tom and Tim discuss Band of Brothers Episode 6 – Bastogne. The episode covers Christmas of 1944 when Easy Company and the rest of the 101st Airborne were besieged in Bastogne, Belgium, facing cold weather, low supplies, and regular Nazi attacks.

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Outer Rim #86: Proud to Be Fans

The percentage of people shouting at each other on Twitter does not represent the percentage of fans who are truly enjoying their passion for Star Wars. So how to we continue to celebrate Star Wars in the midst of all this chaos? We believe there’s a positive path forward, and that’s what map out for you in this episode of The Outer Rim. We also take a look at fan debates that won’t die (Ewoks, midichlorians, who shot first, etc.), and Andrea & Fred give Erik a crazy idea and force him to pitch it as a new Star Wars film.

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Tightbeam #13: A New Speed Limit

The Roci may have a speed limit now, but the show itself is speeding up! The pace really gets going this week as we get more information about the Roci’s surroundings, about the Mao family, about Naomi’s loyalties, and about Holden’s focus.

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Fangirl Confessional #4: Paprika Was Adopted and Other Nostalgia Discussions

Join the Fangirls as they discuss the television of their childhoods, including how showrunners refused to ship, a spice’s true parentage, and whether the Rugrats were creepy or not.

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Getting Sidetracked #5: Floppy Bacon

Andrea presents Erik and Shannon with a barrage of popular/unpopular opinions, which they have to decide are either true or false. These range from silly (“Bacon is overrated”) to serious (“Money really can buy happiness”). This may be our most unusual episode yet, so be sure to join us for this week’s Getting Sidetracked!

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Caped Chronicles #2: Batman (1989)

One of the first modern superhero films still remains one of the most popular to this day. Why is that? What makes this take on the Batman so good? And which are the best portrayals of Batman, Bruce Wayne, and the Joker? Don’t miss this extended episode of The Caped Chronicles!

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April and Jay Have No Ideas #18: The Adventures of Yank and Doodle

This week April and Jay discuss canceled tv shows. April gets carried away and wants to talk about everything, Jay tries to reign her in, April takes revenge when Jay talks about ridiculous superheroes, and as always, April gives her fanfic pick.

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Tightbeam #12: Synchronicity

Life-changing events are often created by the right person being in the right place at the right time, and in this episode of the Expanse, we see various ways in which this plays out. Join us as we discuss Holden’s state of mind, the Behemoth crew’s decisions, and much more in this episode of The Tightbeam!

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Outer Rim #84: We’re Traveling Back to the Outer Rim!

Erik and Andrea are traveling back to The Outer Rim, and we want you to join us! That’s right, we’re spinning off from Echo Base and bringing you discussions on all kinds of Star Wars-related topics!

In this episode, we discuss rebooting the show, and we give a spoiler-filled analysis of Solo (don’t worry, we give plenty of spoiler warnings first!).

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Echo Base #147: It’s a Movie, Not an Event

Are we treating Star Wars films differently than we treat other films (including other tentpole films)? It seems fans often treat Star Wars films as “events,” but might that be setting our expectations up for failure? This week we welcome Katie as a permanent host on Echo Base to look at Solo‘s performance at the box office and what it means (or doesn’t mean) to the world of Star Wars fandom. We then record an extended discussion segment with a spoiler-filled discussion of the Solo film (but don’t worry, we give plenty of spoiler warnings!).

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