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Chasing Fandom #7: The Influence of Forces of Destiny

“Forces of Destiny,” the new Star Wars short-form animation series, has been a hot topic within the fandom since its debut in early July. Chris invites Catrina Dennis on to the podcast to talk about her overall first impression of “Forces of Destiny,” whether or not the marketing is being handled properly, the influence it can have on the female side of geek culture, and more!

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Sci-Fi Pubcast #1: The Best Bars in Science Fiction

Welcome to the first network release of the Sci-Fi Pubcast (AKA Episode 1, “oh dear lord…”). Come for the drinks but stay for the speculation. On this episode, Joel realizes he’s made a serious error in hiring Derek. Luckily, Keri is here to maintain a state of calm.

Discussion Topic: What are the best bars in science fiction?

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Echo Base #103: Risky Business

The Echo Base trio are reunited this week to discuss Tim’s trip to LFL, some curious tweets by Pablo Hidalgo, and whether or not there are enough risks being taken with Star Wars! Read Mike Clark’s article on the Star Wars viewing order here, and check out Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds: Expanding Fronts here! Producer: Ian Tomlinson (Bearded Audio) Download or Subscribe! Download MP3 ♦ Subscribe via iTunes ♦ Subscribe via RSS ♦ Subscribe via Email Subscribe to the entire RandomChatter Network here: iTunes ♦ RSS ♦ Stitcher ♦ Email Contact Us! Email: Facebook: Twitter: Echo Base...

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The Star Wars Viewing Order Debate: An Essay

The following article was written by Patreon donor, Mike Clark, in response to episode #98 of Echo Base about the proper viewing order of the Star Wars films for first-time viewers. It was published with his permission and remains as-is with minor edits and proofreading by Andrea Cardama. I initially started writing this to respond to a letter that the Echo Base podcast received discussing the movie-viewing order in Star Wars (particularly for first timers).  A lot of people have strong opinions when it comes to this topic. Most of these opinions are usually always centered around the same justification...

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