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Echo Base #102: Ro Kohli Interview

Ro Kohli from War Machine Marketing joins Chris & Tim this week to discuss Star Wars and the custom action figures that he makes! We also address the latest news! Be sure to check out War Machine Marketing’s photo albums on Facebook (linked in the show notes) to see all of their custom figures!

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RandomChatter #143: Summer 2017 Movie Draft

The RandomChatter Movie Draft is back! Two-time winner* Lou is joined by the usual RC hosts, Tim & Lizzie, as well as Chris, Joelle, Andrea, Joel, and Jay! If you’d like to submit your audience picks, visit!

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RandomChatter #142: Turn and Face the Strange

We have some ch-ch-ch-ch-changes on the RandomChatter show this week, as Tim takes over hosting duties from Chris. He, Lizzie, and Lou discuss the opening of the new Transformers, another George R.R. Martin pilot in the works, and a discussion about replacing directors in films, plus much more!

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RandomChatter #141: The “Last” Last Knight

Michael Bay said that The Last Knight is his final Transformers film…but he’s said that before, so should we really believe him? Also, Deadpool 2 begins production, the box office gets some love, and there’s a movie draft update for you!

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ChordCast #11: The Pepperoni Bagels

Joelle & Chris are joined by listener of the show, Greg, to discuss whether or not the music industry is over-saturated with artists, as well as the impact of social media on music! Also, stay through the credits to hear a little bit of bonus content!

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Crash Couch #17: The Expansive Fandom

Perhaps one of the best aspects of The Expanse is its fandom, so for this episode of The Crash Couch, Chris & Lou are joined by superfans Andrea & Laura to talk about what the show/books means to them, some of their favorite moments and characters, diversity, and much more! We also have a chat about the Origins comic books for Holden, Naomi, and Alex!

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Echo Base #99: Yo, Leia

Lou, Chris, and Tim answer the two most important questions possible in the Star Wars universe: what would Han Solo look like with a mustache, and what would’ve happened if Sylvester Stallone was cast as our favorite smuggler? All this plus the latest Star Wars news on this episode of Echo Base!

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Echo Base #98: The Truth Is Out There

Is the sequel trilogy essentially being made up on the spot as the story goes along? That may not be far from the truth, as according to Rian Johnson, the story for Episodes VIII and IX had not been planned out when he started working on The Last Jedi. Lou, Chris, & Tim discuss this, and also take on some listener feedback about the proper viewing order of Star Wars for first-time viewers. In a battle between release, machete, and chronological order, who will win? Find out on this episode of Echo Base!

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