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April and Jay Have No Ideas Episode #50: Billie Eilish Scares us

This week April and Jay discuss a bunch of random pop culture things. April gets a little tipsy and choked up about her love for Keanu Reeves, Jay makes fun of her for it, they argue about something, and April spoils Dark Phoenix. Also soft core porn meets Clue.

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Guardians of the MCU #52: Morning Marveling

Good morning Marvel Maniacs! Liz and Tim get together in the morning to talk about their favorite Marvel stuff! Adam Savage builds his own Mark II Iron Man armor, Disneyland has plans for an expanded Marvel theme park, Mindy talks Ms. Marvel, the new Avengers game is announced at E3, and a maybe insider releases some maybe information on Reddit. All this and more! Subscribe, review, and share!

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Guardians of the MCU #51: Tracking Black Widow

Tim is joined by special guest Asha Henley as they discuss this week’s news and Asha’s passion for the Black Widow film. We’ve got Endgame Watch, MCU in 4k, Loki reveals, the Fantastic Four rumor, an MCU rom-com, and more! We also have a cool TV and film timeline resource from ScreenRant that you can find here. In our discussion, Asha talks about her MCU fandom and tracking the news on the Black Widow film. Be sure to follow Asha on Instagram at blackwidowmovie!

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April and Jay Have No Ideas Episode #49: A Drunk Podcast in the Hand…

This week April and Jay get drunk…well Jay had a head start and April caught up to him during the episode. Chaos ensued and it’s probably a dumpster fire. Stay tuned after the end credits to hear some bonus material of Jay not knowing he was being recorded and April’s dog trying to kill her

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Guardians of the MCU #50: Nifty Fifty

Listeners, assemble! The Guardians are back for our 50th episode! For news we talk Endgame box office numbers, Disney+ shows having even stronger connections to MCU films than we thought, the start of Black Widow production, and a well connected Twitter account. Our discussion is extra special, as we cover some listener requests and talk about the multi-verse.

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Guardians of the MCU #48: News, Rumors, and Time Jumps

Tim is joined this week by Jay and Erik as we chase a lot of rabbits.
Avengers Endgame breaks another box office record.
We have some rumors about the story of the Black Widow film and casting for the Eternals.
Kevin Feige said a lot in a Reddit AMA (or did he?) Be sure to catch Jon Favreau’s new Netflix show ‘The Chef Show’ on June 7th! We also talk about the five year time jump imposed by Endgame and how that might impact things in-universe… and if we should even care.
Thanks for listening!

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Guardians of the MCU#46: Ghost Rider and Spider-Man

The Guardians are back together giving you updates on all the big MCU news including Endgame box office records, updates on the Black Widow film, and the Spirits of Vengeance. We also talk about the new Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer!

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