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GMCU/DCT 100: Crisis on Infinite Podcasts

Hello DC Talkers and MCU Guardians! Welcome to the joint 100th episode of both shows! Keri, Lizzie, Mike, Jon, and Tim have been so excited to bring you this episode! We cover some news, including the announced release of the “Snyder Cut”, reveal what films we are most excited about, and pit Marvel and DC characters against each other in an epic bracket!

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AJHNI 55: Bellionaires

This week, April and Jay are back after a long and unplanned hiatus. We bring Jay’s wife, Sharon, on for a discussion about our latest obsession, Animal Crossing. We get drunk, talk about this dumb game, and have a good time. Our posting will probably be sporadic, but hey! we have new content.

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GMCU 99: What’s Next?

Welcome back Guardians! Tim is in the hot seat giving you an update on this week’s news. Tom Holland hosts trivia night, Hayley Atwell and Patton Oswalt return, a show runner is canned, New Mutants gets a newly mutated release date, and more!

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DFTF 21: Star Wars – Attack of the Clones

Tim and Tom are back to talk about Star Wars episode 2 – Attack of the Clones. Political intrigue continues and the Grand Army of the Republic is formed. Be sure to join us for our next episode – Patton!

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GMCU 97: The Prodigal Jon Returns

Welcome back Guardians! Jon updates us on what he’s been up to and joins Tim to talk about the return of Iron Man, Sony owning Marvel, Charlie Cox in Spider-Man, the Ultimatum storyline, and more. Thanks for listening and stay safe!

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GMCU 95: More War Machine?

Welcome back Guardians! Lizzie and Tim are back talking about James Gunn, Mark Ruffalo’s thoughts on Hulk doing more in the MCU, a new director confirmed for Dr. Strange 2, and a potential return of War Machine. Thanks for listening and stay healthy!

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