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GMCU 134: Feige Speaks!

Welcome back Marvel Maniacs! The WandaVision presser brings us a lot of Kevin Feige goodness, talking not just about the new Disney+ series, but Spider-Man 3, Black Panther, Deadpool, and more! We also have news on Eternals, Moon Knight, and Loki; as well as a discussion about the comic story line House of M.

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GMCU 128: Echo Chamber

Welcome back Marvel Maniacs! In this episode… Tim, Jon, and Sheba are excited about Disney’s upcoming Investor’s Day and new cast announcements for the Hawkeye series. Tim is skeptical about Spider-Man rumors and the crew talks about a possible future for Disney+ as the streaming wars heat up.

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GMCU 125: Honor the Actor and the Franchise

Welcome back Marvel Maniacs! Tim, Sheba, and Jon are back with a WandaVision release date, some updates on Thor: Love & Thunder and Guardians of the Galaxy 3, holiday shopping, and discussion on how to approach Black Panther 2. We also cover some highlights of The Wakanda Files and profile Maria Hill, the on-again off-again Director of SHIELD.

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GMCU 124: WandaVision Reveals

Welcome back Marvel Maniacs! Tim, Sheba, and Jon discuss the Entertainment Weekly cover story on WandaVision, a potential second season of an MCU Disney+ show, wondering just how much Dr. Strange Spider-Man will see, and we profile Kate Bishop. Also, a small token of our appreciation for Veteran’s Day. Be safe!

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