Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels had a number of amazing story arcs and continuing plot elements that further deepened the history, world-building, and overall mythology of the franchise. Sometimes, however, it is too difficult to find all the episodes necessary to gain a clearer understanding of the stories and theme being told. Today, I hope to begin alleviating some of your frustration by providing you with episode guides to story arcs, themes, and character developments, big & small, found in The Clone Wars and Rebels.

These guides are entirely opinionated, so if you think I missed something or would like to share your own thoughts, feel free to message me anytime on Discord or Twitter. Look out for more upcoming guides and let’s hope we can update those existing guides once Resistance premieres.

Episode Guide: War Stories of the 501st

A guide to viewing and discussing the most impactful missions of the 501st Legion and their captain Rex during and after the Clone War.

Military File: 501st Legion

The 501st Legion was under the commander of Jedi General Anakin Skywalker, Jedi Commander Ahsoka Tano, Captain Rex (CT-7567) throughout the Clone Wars. The company led many successful campaigns across the galaxy. On Naboo, members of the 501st prevented an epidemic of the Blue Shadow Virus; on Kamino, the 501st Legion led the successful defense of the clone creation factores and cadet training facilities; on both Christophsis and Umbara, Captain Rex and his platoon discovered informants for the Separatists within their ranks; and during the Siege of Mandalore, Ahsoka Tano led a detachment of 501st clones against the tyranny of Maul. While these are not all of the episodes involving the 501st Legion, they are the ones that give the most depth to its members. Central themes and motifs include discovery one’s personal identity, comradery & brotherhood, the life of a soldier, duty & honor, the price of freedom, strength of leadership, and self-sacrifice.

CW 116 – The Hidden Enemy

CW 301 – Clone Cadets

CW 105 – Rookies

CW 210 – The Deserter

CW 302 – Arc Troopers

CW 407 – Darkness of Umbara

CW 408 – The General

CW 409 – Plan of Dissent

CW 410 – Carnage of Krell

CW 601 – The Unknown

CW 602 – Conspiracy

CW 603 – Fugitive

CW 604 – Orders

CW Specials – The Bad Batch (specials only available on

CW Specials – A Distant Echo

CW Specials – On the Wings of Keeradaks

CW Specials – Unfinished Business

The Veteran Soldier

Rex, along with his “brothers” Wolffe and Gregor, had been the only clones to remove their inhibitor chips prior to Order 66. Then, after the birth of the Empire, the three clones refused decommissioning or becoming military instructors for the first generation of Stormtroopers. Sixteen years after the end of the Clone War, the Ghost Crew was tasked by Ahsoka Tano to retrieve an aged Captain Rex from his exile on the planet Seelos. Rex became a major asset to the Ghost Crew, although his relationship with Kanan Jarrus had a very rough start. The apparent loss of Ahsoka Tano distressed Rex deeply, but he remained a member of the Ghost Crew throughout the entirety of the Galactic Civil War, even participating in the Battle of Endor. As with the previous selection of episodes, the ones below are the ones with the most relevance to the character of Captain Rex. The life of war veteran, including post traumatic stress disorder, mistreatment by society, inability to cope outside of the battlefield, and other commonalities, is the principle motif of these episodes.

Rebels 203 The Lost Commanders

Rebels 204 Relics of the Old Republic

Rebels 205 Stealth Strike

Rebels 306 The Last Battle

GREAT NEWS! The Clone Wars animated show is returning for 12 final episodes in 2019. We already know that some, if not, most of the episodes will focus on the Siege of Mandalore which took place concurrently with the events of Revenge of the Sith. In addition, Star Wars Resistance is set to release on October 7th. So expected updates to existing guides and entirely new ones in the future.

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