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Has Prometheus finally achieved a “Checkmate” against Green Arrow?

GJ #516: Checkmate
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Show Notes:

Has Prometheus finally achieved a “Checkmate” against Green Arrow? Even now that Oliver knows his nemesis is Adrian Chase, he can’t make a final move until he rescues Susan Williams. But that seems to be hard when the bad guy is always 10 steps ahead. Luckily, Felicity is using her new friends at Helix to discover just what she needs to rescue her. It’s all a big trap, of course, and Prometheus is there, waiting for them. Oliver came prepared though, and has brought Chase’s wife into the mix as leverage. A good chess player is never without options though. And Chase gets the final drop on Oliver, capturing him and leaving the team helpless to stop him again. Jay and Josh are just pawns in the game of life on this week’s episode of Green Justice: An Arrow Podcast. Listen in and justice will be served…to your MP3 player!