SHIELD: Case Files
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Beware of “Watchdogs”.

SHIELD #314: Watchdogs (Actual Episode)
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Show Notes:

Beware of “Watchdogs”. SHIELD now has to deal with a growing militia threat that wants to get rid of all the new Inhumans that they believe are threatening the safety of Earth. And they like to show their growing strength by using Nitromene to condense an entire ATCU building. Mack, Daisy, and Fitz go to investigate a group of them, but when Mack’s brother shows up, the Watchdogs go after them, and think the Mack is an Inhuman. Meanwhile, Coulson brings Lincoln on a mission to stop the former SHIELD agent, gone rogue (and test Lincoln while he’s at it) Jay and Josh tie kitchen utensils to weaponry on this week’s Case Files. Download now, and so you can decrypt the data-stream directly to your MP3 player!