SHIELD: Case Files
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Usually “The Return” is a happy occasion. Usually…

SHIELD #421: The Return
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Show Notes:

Usually “The Return” is a happy occasion. But when the SHIELD team wakes up from the Framework, and they’re greeted by many grumpy Superior robots, and Aida takes your buddy Fitz with her new Inhuman teleporting powers, it puts a damper on the day. Aida is thrilled with her new body and emotions, but Fitz is a little more unsure. They manage to make it back to SHIELD headquarters, (what’s left of it) and they take Fitz and Aida into custody. That’s when she learns he doesn’t really love her and goes ballistic and leaving a shower of destruction that they barely escape. Jay and Josh try to avoid the evil C-3POs on this week’s episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.- Case Files.