Disclaimer: We recorded this episode on Dec. 22nd and edited the show on Dec. 23rd and recently found out Carrie Fisher or as we better know her, our Princess Leia had a heart attack. Now since we are covering the Holiday special we said so many jokes and Carrie Fisher was not spared in our joking, but as many of us know she would make light of her recent situation. Our hearts go out to Our Leader of the Resistance, Our Princess Leia and may the force be with her.

So many things can be said about The Star Wars Holiday special…well actually not really, considering this is tough to watch. But we did it, we are covering it and RandomChatter cannot jam our transmission. So have fun with us as we joke about this “Right of Passage” for any Star Wars Fan and get ready for the new year about to come upon us. But from us to you…Happy Holidays and Happy Life Day!


Hosts: Ernie, Randy, Raul, and Mike
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