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April and Jay Have No Ideas #26: Smoking for 75 Years

This week, April and Jay live up to their name because they had no idea what to talk about. They discussed their weeks, April talked about the crazy amount of movie theater trips she took, and they rounded it off with some craigslist ads.

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Outer Rim #90: Should Lucasfilm Do Course Correction?

Should Lucasfilm focus on lower-budget, character-driven films? Or should they just keeping pushing forward the way they’ve been doing? As we’re catching up on our back log of episodes, we take a look at some of the post-Solo fallout. Don’t miss this episode of The Outer Rim!

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Echo Base #93: Celebration Prep, part 2

Celebration is almost here! But do you know what to pack? Do you know what not to pack? What should you carry around with you as you wander the floor? What kind of merchandise should you keep an eye out for? If you’re going to Celebration, be sure to listen to this episode before you go!

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RandomChatter #134: This is IT

The trailer for Stephen King’s IT has been released, and this looks like a massive improvement over the 90’s miniseries. Also, Apple plans to bundle premium channels, Erik doesn’t understand the Iron Fist hate, and Donald Trump gets a late night show (sort of)!

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