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Echo Base #64: Return of the Listener Feedback

Our “listener feedback” feature returns! This week we answer questions people have sent us over the last few months, including whether we’d want to see an R-rated Star Wars film, whether the films would be better if they were longer, how the First Order could afford to build Starkiller Base, and much more!

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RandomChatter #111: The Fandom Menace

Devin Faraci wrote a fascinating article for titled “Fandom Is Broken,” and it’s the basis for our discussion this week. Do fans have any right to make demands of content creators? Are we owed anything? What about in cases of characters who have become long-established symbols of certain sociological ideals within our culture? We take a look at both sides of the argument in this week’s RandomChatter.

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Echo Base #61: TFA Guilt

Some Star Wars fans are experiencing “TFA Guilt.” In other words, after buying the DVD/Blu-ray, they were less excited about it, and after one or two viewings set it aside and haven’t gone back to it. And some of these fans don’t understand why they’re suddenly apathetic toward The Force Awakens. This week, we look at this issue, and we discuss how our feelings about The Force Awakens may change further over time.

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Outer Rim #47: Pieces Falling Into Place

Con Man is coming to the Comic-Con HQ channel, SHIELD cast isn’t happy about MCU neglect, and one of the biggest video games of all time is getting a theatrical release as an “epic, sci-fi thriller (leading to Erik’s mental breakdown late in the episode).

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Echo Base #60: Chasing Romance

The second episodes of the two prior trilogies have had a heavy focus on romance. Will we see that again in Episode VIII?  Do we want to see that?  Why can’t we see more meaningful platonic relationships without romance?  We delve into this topic and cover the latest news in this week’s Echo Base!

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RandomChatter #109: Canceled!

We were going to go with “You’re Fired!” for our episode title, but we’ve been told that our future dictator Donald Trump has trademarked that phrase. This week we go through the latest cancelations and one not-surprising move for a fan-favorite show.

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