Author: Erik

Outer Rim #39: Indiana Jones and the Nursing Home of Doom

The Division breaks sales records, Indiana Jones gets a fifth movie, Lobo gets a new writer, Universal Studios gets a famous chocolate factory, and Street Fighter 5 gets pwned by a six-month-old baby.

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RandomChatter #103: Spring 2016 Movie Draft

We’ve been threatening it for years, but now we’ve finally done it! Our first Movie Draft is here! Moderated by Nathan Chase (@NathanChase) from (@Flickchart), we have Erik and Lou joined by Echo Base host Chris McGuffin and Sabacc Table hosts Nate Nelson and Mike Templeton as they each bid on upcoming movies to see who’ll end up with the biggest box office total at the end of the season!

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Let’s clear the room

There’s been a lot said online about the changes at The ForceCast. I respect everyone’s opinions, but some are based on incorrect information. For those who are interested, let’s set the story straight… UPDATED: ForceCast has been shut down! UPDATED AGAIN: Corrected info about Facebook post and response from new co-host Dave.

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