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RC #229: Streaming Showdown

On this episode of RandomChatter: Warner Bros announces a streaming service, but how will it fare against the competition? Also, we get a director for the new Lord of the Rings series, a prequel to Hunger Games, a return of Toys R Us, an end to Mad Magazine, and more!

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GMCU #57: Phase 4 Announced!

Guardians of the MCU tackles San Diego Comic Con! In a truly epic panel, Marvel has revealed their Phase 4 plans, and Jon brings in special guests Asha and Erik to discuss the highlights and what they’re most excited about coming soon to the MCU!

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EB #183: Booking a Journey to the Rise of Skywalker

Echo Base brings you the latest news from SDCC! Unlike in past years, the “Journey to” the final film in the saga actually leads into the movie! Join us to get the latest scoop on the upcoming books and comics leading into Episode 9!

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EB #182: Coming Not Soon Enough!

On this week’s Echo Base: D23 is coming, hopefully with a new trailer! Rise of the Resistance is coming this winter! A new director is coming to the Cassian Andor series! The second season of The Mandalorian will be coming eventually! All these and more are coming… but not soon enough!

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SC #9: Just Like I Never Left

Short Circuits is back! Now that Erik’s schedule is freeing up, we’ll be bringing you new episodes of Short Circuits each week. In this episode, Erik talks about the future of the show, shares a personal update, recommends some good podcasts he likes, and more!

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OR #109: Galaxy’s Edge

The gates are open, and traffic is pouring into the Batuu docking bays as Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is now open to the public in Disneyland! There have been a TON of reviews and video covering the park, and so we’re going to curate that for you and give you an overview of what people seem to like and dislike, hopefully preparing you for your best experience possible at Galaxy’s Edge!

(NOTE: Yes, we called this episode 110 during the recording. Oops!)

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TBD #1: The Rise of Skywalker

Welcome to the newest show on the RandomChatter Network! Each week we’ll take a look at the latest movie trailers (and sometimes television) and discuss whether they do a good job of selling us on seeing the movie. This week, we take a look at Star Wars: Episode 9—The Rise of Skywalker and discuss whether it instills confidence for the final film in the Skywalker saga.

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MovieChatter #191: Blast from the Past

Each modern generation has been defined by advances in technology or pop culture. Lou and Erik grew up during the advent of VHS tapes and premium cable services, making movies more accessible than ever before, and as a result, becoming one of the first generations affected heavily by film. In this episode, they discuss their favorite movies from their childhood, including classics like Back to the Future, Aliens, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Gremlins, The Goonies, and much more!

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RandomChatter #222: The Fantastic John Krazinski

Would John Krazinski make a good Reed Richards, a.k.a. Mr. Fantastic? Would Robert Pattinson make a good Batman? Will Dark Phoenix bomb at the box office? Will the Batwoman series be any good? Will Chris Rock make a good Saw movie? Will we stop asking so many questions?

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