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MC #199: A Cacophony of Carols

MovieChatter opens the holiday season with coverage of ALL versions of A Christmas Carol! And by “all,” we mean not even close to all. We do, however, start with the 1983 Mickey’s Christmas Carol, then head to the 1984 version with George C. Scott, then on to Scrooged with Bill Murray, the Muppets Christmas Carol, the Jim Carrey animated version, and the Patrick Stewart TV move. Which are our favorites? Which moved us the most? Tune in and find out!

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KH #4: That’s Not a Toy!

Knights of the Holotable is back to discuss Chapter 3: The Sin! This is the third episode in the first story arc of the season, and there is a LOT to discuss! We also have some news about a new Black Series figure (a Best Buy exclusive) related to a new character from this episode, as well as synopses for the next three episodes!

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TBD #7: Fantasy Island, Code 8, Bloodshot

Trailer Breakdown is back! Erik and Lou take a look at a reimagining of an old 70’s TV series as a Blumhouse horror movie — Fantasy Island. Then they look at an independent sci-fi movie starring the Amell brothers (Arrow) called Code 8. And to wrap it up, they cover Vin Diesel’s upcoming adaptation of a classic Valiant Comics series, Bloodshot.

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KH #2: And So It Begins

The Mandalorian is here! First we look at the tone and themes presented in the show, then we talk about the various aliens and drois, and then we continue on to discuss the nature of the Mandalorian culture. Don’t miss this jam-packed episode of Knights of the Holotable!

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RC #241: Dad Jokes

Welcome back to RandomChatter! Coppola takes Scorsese’s statement on Marvel films and goes even further with it, calling the films “despicable,” Disney launches a 3.5-hour long trailer for their streaming service, Tarantino refuses to accommodate China’s censors, and Joker is set to become the top grossing R-rated movie ever!

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RC #240: Mendes, Monsters, and Scorsese

On this episode of RandomChatter: We discuss the original “cinematic universe” — and no, it has nothing to do with superheroes. And nor does Scorsese, according to a recent statement he made about the Marvel movies. Also, Sam Mendes is going to do a war pic in a single shoot, Downey Jr. opts out of Oscar recognition, and we get some new trailers!

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MC #197: No Tricks, Just Treats

It’s Halloween Season on MovieChatter! We open up the season with a look at what we do or don’t like about scary movies (or, in some cases, non-scary Halloween movies), from modern psychological thrillers to the 80’s slasher movies to the old monster classics. And if you’d like to prepare for our upcoming episodes, be sure to check out 1408, Zombieland, Cube, and others we mention near the end of the episode! And hopefully Erik can convince Lou and Robin to watch This Is the End by the time the kids come knocking at our doors on the 31st!

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