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RC Special: The Best of 2020

We have one more thing to bring you before the year ends! Despite 2020 being “a bit of a mess,” there were some good things to come out of the year, believe it or not! So to wrap things up before we hit 2021, we bring you our best recommendations from 2020!

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RC 304: Wondering about Wonder Woman—Christmas or Next Summer?

Wonder Woman 84 might come to streaming just a couple of weeks after its Christmas theatrical debut… or it might not even hit theaters until the summer! Disney talks about their streaming success, David Fincher stirs up some controversy, and we’ve got more renewals, cancelations, and live-action reboots!

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EB 239: LucasVision — George’s Vision for the Sequel Trilogy!

A new book reveals George Lucas’s vision for the sequel trilogy! Also, we have a review of the upcoming LEGO Holiday Special, some book and collecting news, and a listener sets us straight on Boba Fett!

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OR 116: The Heiress (Familiar Faces)

For those who were hoping for more story development last episode, did this episode make up for it? We get a lot of Mandalorian action this time around, and there’s a lot to unpack, so don’t miss this episode of The Outer Rim!

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MC 230: The Italian Job(s)

We get a lot of feedback that our audience loves conflict in our shows—and in that case, we bring you a great episode! We all loved the 2003 remake of The Italian Job, which is the primary focus of this episode, but we have some VERY mixed opinions on the 1969 original. Don’t miss this episode of MovieChatter!

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RC 302: The Depp Departure

Warner Bros. asks Johnny Depp to resign amidst allegations of domestic abuse, and Depp does so. We take a look at this messy situation a bit, plus news about an upcoming Mass Effect game, DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital releases for Tenet and Mulan, and more!

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