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April and Jay Have No Ideas #12: For All The Bananas

So this week, April and Jay jump into the world of apocalypse movies (and some tv), Jay feels betrayed by the Walking Dead, April is scandalized by Amazon products, and both feel like maybe they should post video of the show on YouTube. As always, April gives her fanfic pic, and the show starts with something neither…

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April and Jay Have No Ideas #11: Hat Full of Ideas

This week April and Jay had ZERO ideas…until they crowd sourced, and then they had more than they could shake a stick (or hat) at. They had some serious disagreements that almost ruined their friendship (Jay has STRONG opinions on Hanna-Barbera), played nerdy “would you rather”, and April gave her fanfic pick.

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What if Yoda told Luke the wrong thing? (Contains TLJ Spoilers)

We all know the line by now: “Try not.  Do or do not.  There is no try.” But… what if that was the wrong thing to tell Luke?  Actually, that may not be the right question, but bear with me.  Because there’s a lot we don’t know about how long Luke trained on Dagobah, other than it wasn’t very long.  It certainly not long enough for everything Yoda taught Luke to sink in. I’ve seen this in my own martial arts journey. My teacher will tell me something.  Then tell me again.  And again.  She may try to say...

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Don’t Blame the Kender

Don’t let that title scare you off! Really, there is nothing to worry about. Like many fans what is now Legends, in Star Wars, I have been struggling with the drastic changes to the Star Wars Timeline, since Disney bought the franchise.  While I’ve loved the new content and stories we’ve been exposed to, there’s been a… kind of familiar wrongness to the new direction of things.  And then, as I watched Star Wars: The Last Jedi, in a fog of cold meds and caffeine, it hit me.  I have seen this kind of thing before. Here there be...

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The Art of Harley Quinn, by Andrew Farago

Psychiatrist and psychotic.  Brooklyn girl and Gotham Siren.  Smart as a whip and blunt as her oversized mallet. Fractured, but never broken.  From the Joker’s witty sidekick to super smart super villain/anti-hero, in her own right. Harleen Quinzel has been many things, in the twenty-five years since her first appearance, on Batman: the Animated Series. But as Andrew Farago’s book points out, while Harley’s basic look has evolved, over the past quarter century, what makes her “Harley Quinn” never has. With a forward by Harley co-creator, Paul Dini and commentary from various writers and artists, over the years, The...

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Anno Dracula 1899: One Thousand Monsters, by Kim Newman

“Approaching a personage like Yuki-Onna – Dracula comes inevitably to mind, and very few others – is like walking into a maelstrom or an inferno.  Or the heart of a star.  They shine such eternal light or exert such gravitational pull that everything else is dull, shriveled or crushed out of shape.  Your senses betray you and – even without Christina telling you very precisely in your head – you feel you’re displaced in yourself.  For most of your life, you wonder if you’re imagining them but, nearing their presence, you start to wonder whether they’re imagining you.” –...

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Anno Dracula: Johnny Alucard, by Kim Newman

“There was the Dracula of the histories, the Dracula of Stoker’s book, the Dracula of this film, the Dracula of the Transylvania Movement.  Dracula – the vampire and the idea – was vast. But not so vast that he could cast his cloak of protection around all who claimed to be his followers.  Out here in the mountains where the Count had passed centuries in petty predation, Kate understood that he must in himself have felt tiny, a lizard crawling down a rock.” – Anno Dracula: Johnny Alucard, by Kim Newman “Richard, you weren’t there during the Terror.  When...

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Anno Dracula: Dracula Cha Cha Cha, by Kim Newman

“During the struggle to oust Dracula from the throne of Great Britain, Kate had spent seven years as an outlaw.  Hiding from Carpathians who wanted to impale her, she’d edited an underground newsheet.  Later, in the First World War, she’d been buried under one of il principe’s marvellous toys, the first breed of tank.  She wasn’t sure she could be as forgiving of him as the monster could afford to be of her.  She also resented Penny’s implied suggestion that political agitation was a passing hobby, something to fill out boring years of an eternity not spent furthering her...

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Anno Dracula: The Bloody Red Baron, by Kim Newman

“Of course, without vampires (specifically without the brute now calling himself the Graf von Dracula) the war would not have been fought at all. The Graf’s latest attempt at European power had led him to a conflict that seemed to involve every nation on the globe.  Even the Americans were in now.  The Kaiser said modern Germans must embody the spirit of the ancient Hun, but it was Dracula, proud of blood kinship with Attila, who most epitomized twentieth-century barbarism.”  — Anno Dracula: The Bloody Red Baron, Kim Newman “’He will make of this century a killing ground,’ she...

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Review: Anno Dracula by Kim Newman

“I heard this evening from one of the reporters that he has sent a letter to the newspapers.  He wants to be called Jack the Ripper, he says.” “Jack the Ripper?” “Yes.” “Silly name.  No one will ever remember it.  Silver Knife he was, and Silver Knife he’ll always be.” – Anno Dracula “Let me illustrate.  In New Mexico, ten years ago, a new-born ran riot, killing without thought.  A warm man, Patrick Garrett, loaded a shotgun with sixteen silver dollars and peppered his heart with razor-shards.  The new-born was Henry Antrim or William Bonney, a cretin leech who...

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