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MCU TV 2: WandaVision Begins!

Tim, Lizzie, and Sheba are so excited to talk about the first two episodes of WandaVision! Dick VanDyke, Bewitched, SWORD, and the Toastmate 2000. And remember… it’s all For the Children! Remember – MCU TV is reactions and commentary on newly released material, so spoilers within.

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TB 50: One Giant Leap

It’s our 50th episode! The Tightbeam crew looks back before diving right into The Expanse 507: Oyedeng, breaking down Holden’s dubious decision making, Monica’s tenacity, Filip being torn between father and mother, Marco’s perspective of strength, and Naomi’s difficult, heartbreaking, and entirely badass decision.

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GMCU 134: Feige Speaks!

Welcome back Marvel Maniacs! The WandaVision presser brings us a lot of Kevin Feige goodness, talking not just about the new Disney+ series, but Spider-Man 3, Black Panther, Deadpool, and more! We also have news on Eternals, Moon Knight, and Loki; as well as a discussion about the comic story line House of M.

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MCU TV 1: A Beginning

Universe, on Disney+ and elsewhere. In this episode, our hosts introduce themselves and the show concept, and then we talk about the latest MCU related series on Disney+, Marvel Studios: Legends. We’ll be back next week to talk about the first episode of WandaVision!

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TB 48: Barely Holden On

The aftershocks keep coming in The Expanse 505, “Down and Out”. Join the Tightbeam Crew as they discuss the politics of retaliation, what makes a Belter, Marco’s influence on Filip, and Naomi’s actions returning to haunt her.

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TB 47: Everything Goes to Hell, and There’s a Robot

After an episode that left quite an impact, the Tightbeam crew manages to break down Expanse 504, “Gaugamela”, discussing the loss and chaos, the pain of being decked by a robot, and Marco Inaros’s rise and his manipulations.

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TB 45: Stomach Churn-ing

Fans have been waiting years for a look into Amos’ past, and the time has finally come! The Tightbeam Crew breaks down The Expanse 5.02, “Churn”, tackling Drummer’s Polyam Belter Fam, Amos’ arc, Holden’s impulsiveness, and verbal takedowns on Luna and Mars.

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RC 2020 RandomChatter Holiday Hostful

A bunch of network hosts get together for the first time in a long time to reflect a bit on the year, talk about some of their favorite holiday things, and lay out their plans for this holiday season. From our family to yours, please have a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season!

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