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The Caped Chronicles Episode #19: Blade 2 (2002)

***Warning*** This episode does contain language that is not suitable around children or work. This is a rated R movie, so keep that in mind. *** This week on Caped Chronicles, Mike, Andrea, Keri and Fred look at the second installment of the Blade Trilogy from 2002!

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The Caped Chronicles Episode #18: X-Men (2000)

This time on Caped Chronicles, Mike, Keri, Andrea and Fred are joined by the resident X-Men specialist of the Randomchatter Network, Jon, to discuss all things and not some things about X-Men. You can find Jon on the Guardians of the MCU podcast.

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The Caped Chronicles #14: The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie (1995)

On this weeks episode, Mike and Keri welcome two new permanent hosts to the show! Along with a lenghty introduction, the hosts cover the 1995 classic superhero movie, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! Go, Go, Power Rangers!

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