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Tightbeam #13: A New Speed Limit

The Roci may have a speed limit now, but the show itself is speeding up! The pace really gets going this week as we get more information about the Roci’s surroundings, about the Mao family, about Naomi’s loyalties, and about Holden’s focus.

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Tightbeam #12: Synchronicity

Life-changing events are often created by the right person being in the right place at the right time, and in this episode of the Expanse, we see various ways in which this plays out. Join us as we discuss Holden’s state of mind, the Behemoth crew’s decisions, and much more in this episode of The Tightbeam!

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Tightbeam #6: Tools of War

In this season’s second episode, we see the tools of war manifest in many ways, whether by politics, through weaponry and tactics, or by literal tools (oops!). Join us as we discuss “IFF” on The Tightbeam!

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