Well, in most respects 2016 has been a horrible year… but it’s been great for movies!  Here’s my Top Ten:

  1. Rogue One: a perfect movie and a worthy entry to my most beloved franchise.
  2. Zootopia: a perfect movie. I love every single element of this film. Incredibly re-watchable.
  3. Civil War: a flawless culmination of a dozen wonderful movies.
  4. Fantastic Beasts: JK’s magic is still at work with a fascinating new story, setting, and characters.
  5. Deadpool: hilarious fun.
  6. Finding Dory: a wonderful sequel to a classic.
  7. Independence Day 2: it’s not a great movie, but really neither was the first one. but the sheer nostalgia of returning to that world and seeing how mankind adapted to using alien tech and united together after such horrendous losses was really engrossing to see.
  8. Doctor Strange: another solid Marvel entry with enough new elements to keep it fresh.
  9. Star Trek Beyond: a weak villain and plot, but sheer fun throughout.
  10. Moana: another great Disney movie with wonderful characters, visuals, and songs.  It even had a little action.