RandomChatter Interviews #2.3: It’s Shannon!

Tim sits down with Shannon, co-host of RandomChatter’s Tightbeam and Fangirl Confessional podcast.

Echo Base #158: LEGOBase

Join Tim and Lou as they discuss all things Lego. Well, at least all things Lego when it comes to the latest Star Wars Lego stuff.

Echo Base #157: Resistance

Join Lou & Tim as they welcome a Special Guest, Andrea, to discuss news of StarWars: Resistance, the upcoming live action TV Series and what to expect from the Solo video release.

Outer Rim #93: An Old Hope (a.k.a. A New Andrea)

We go back to where it all started! When’s the last time you heard us sit down and focus on the original Star Wars film, A New Hope? Why does it still resonate today? What important elements do we sometimes still overlook? Don’t miss this episode of The Outer Rim as we go all the way back to the beginning!

MovieChatter #179: Logan

This week we tackle what many consider the best of the X-Men films, and arguably one of the better geek films of last year, Logan.

RandomChatter #191: FMY My RC

This week listen in as Tim brings in some guests to fill in for Lizzie and Lou. Jon from Guardians of the MCU and Dave from the FML My Life podcast take over and talk about all things entertainment this week.

Outer Rim #92: Thrawn: Alliances

Timothy Zahn’s latest novel, Thrawn: Alliances, bounces back and forth between the prequel era and the original trilogy. How does it hold up compared to other recent novels? Is this new coverage of Thrawn worth your time? Join us to find out!

RandomChatter #190: Incredibles 2, Black Panther & Apple Are, Well Incredible

Join Lizzie, Tim and Lou as they discuss the latest milestones from Black Panther, Incredibles 2, Jurassic World 2, & Apple. There is also some nonsense about an ALF reboot.

MovieChatter #178: The 80’s

Erik, Lou, and Robin go back in time to discuss their favorite movies from the 1980’s!

Outer Rim #91: Revenge of the Andrea

This week we take on the final flim in the prequel trilogy, Revenge of the Sith. Which moments did we think were the best and worst across the prequels? And what was perhaps the biggest moral dilemma across the entire saga? Find out on this episode of The Outer Rim!

Outer Rim #90: Should Lucasfilm Do Course Correction?

Should Lucasfilm focus on lower-budget, character-driven films? Or should they just keeping pushing forward the way they’ve been doing? As we’re catching up on our back log of episodes, we take a look at some of the post-Solo fallout. Don’t miss this episode of The Outer Rim!

RandomChatter #187: Build-A-Bear Boondoggle

Listen in this week as Tim, Lizzie and Lou talk about The Incredibles 2, Top Gun, John Wick, some Disney News and much more. Don’t forget about the Build-A-Bear promotion problems. Yes its a longer than usual episode but its a lot of fun.

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