EchoBase #169: Happy Hour in EchoBase

This week Tim and Lou welcome Alyce and Laura from the Force Toast podcast into EchoBase for a little Star Wars news and happyhour.

Outer Rim #101: Coming in 2019

Resistance! Mandalorians! Theme parks! Books! Comics! Toys! And a new streaming service! This year brings many great Star Wars projects to look forward to… plus Episode 9!

MovieChatter #189: 2018 Winners

Do the Golden Globes or Oscars still matter? We look at the Golden Globe winners, look back over the 2018 box office, and preview our upcoming RandomChatter Movie Awards!

Outer Rim #100: The Force Awakens, part 2

In this second part of our look at The Force Awakens, we discuss character development, especially regarding the primary hero (Rey) and protagonist (Kylo Ren). Is Rey too powerful? Is Kylo a compelling villain? Join us for a look at these questions and more, here on The Outer Rim!

EchoBase #167: Mandalorians

This week Lou and Tim speculate on the soon to be released teaser and trailer for Episode IX, some guests announced for Celebration and the history of Mandalorians.

RandomChatter #207: Sam Jackson, Barbie & Divorce

This week Lizzie, Lou and Tim Discuss Some of Samuel L Jackson’s lengthy career, News about a new live-action Barbie move int he works and a couple of Divorces.

RandomChatter #206: Happy New Year

Tim and Lou welcome 2019 without Lizzie, so you know what that means, Everything is Lizzie’s Fault.

RandomChatter #205: 2019 Winter Movie Draft

This draft, we’ve got a big Marvel release, a less-traditional superhero movie by Shyamalan, and several wildcards that may turn out to be sleeper hits! Erik moderates the draft for Andrea, April, Fred, Keri, Lou, and Shannon, as they bid on the movies they think will dominate the box office!

RandomChatter #201: Disney+

This week we have a special guest, Shannon joins Lou and Lizzie to discuss this week’s entertainment. Listen in as we cover the newly announced name for the Disney Streaming Service, Disney+, news about the new project from John Boyega and of course our segment covering Reboots, Remakes and Sequels.

Outer Rim #98: Resistance in Review, part one

Now that most of you have gotten a chance to see Reistance, what did you think? Does it meet expectations? Does it leave you wanting more, or is it just left wanting? Join Andrea, Fred, and Erik as they take a look at the first third of the season!

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