Echo Base #145: Can It Be Kenobi?

Are we getting a Kenobi movie? Do we want one? And what did we find out about the upcoming live-action television series? Come join us at Echo Base for a look future projects in the galaxy far, far away!

Movie Rampage #9: Infinity War

We could hardly wait! Lizzie and Tim talk Infinity War!!!!!!!

Getting Sidetracked #4: Insert Coin to Continue

Erik, Lou, and Tim take a look at the Ready Player One film in the context of how it differs from the book. Which changes were for the better? Which didn’t work? Don’t miss this episode of Getting Sidetracked!

RC News Roundup for May 14, 2018: The Day the TV Died

Television has been canceled. At least, it certainly feels that way. Today we give you the latest on all the recent cancelations and renewals.

Echo Base #144: A Conveyex Train Wreck

Don’t listen to this episode. No, really. We know you probably will anyway. After all, you’re pretty stubborn, aren’t you? Well, don’t say we didn’t warn you. Because we did. Just now.

RandomChatter #177: Infinite Thoughts

Which of the hosts didn’t care that much for Infinity War? Tune in to find out!

RandomQuotes #2: The Quotes Strike Back

Tim’s back again, tormenting our staff members with another session of RandomQuotes!

Echo Base #143: The Coming Resistance

Now that Lucasfilm has dropped the news about Star Wars Resistance, what can we expect from the series? Will we get returning characters? What do we think of the focus on pilots and the spy mission? Will people be turned-off by the art style? Join us here at Echo Base to discuss this and much more!

RandomChatter #176: Infinite Success and Con Fails

Lou and Tim are joined by April from April and Jay Have No Ideas to give some spoiler-free reactions to Infinity War and the debacle of FanCon.

Echo Base #142: Living on the Edge

New details are leaked about Galaxy’s Edge! A Legends character is rumored to be in Episode 9, but we explain why we think it’s false and just a bad idea anyway. All this and more in this week’s Echo Base!


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