MovieChatter #184: The Cabin in the Woods

Some of our hosts loved Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard’s take on the horror genre, but not all of our hosts thought as highly of this film as others. Join us as we discuss The Cabin in the Woods here on MovieChatter!

Outer Rim #96: Too Much of a Good Thing?

Bob Iger took responsibility for some mistakes made with the scheduling and pacing of Star Wars releases, but is there really a problem? Are we getting too much too fast? Is it better to wait, or is one film per year a good pace? We discuss all this and more on this week’s Outer Rim!

EchoBase #162: Let The Resistance Begin

This week Tim and Lou talk Resistance, Porgs and Chuck Wendig, oh and maybe a little bit about the upcoming season 7 of The Clone Wars.

EchoBase #161: A Voice From The Past

This week listen in as Katie joins Lou and Tim again to catch up and talk Star Wars. This week we’ll talk about the upcoming series The Mandalorian, Books and comics announced at NYCC, Some Hasbro news, Ray Park and lots of other things.

RandomChatter #194: The Nun Beats A Quiet Place

This week Tim and Lou carry on without Lizzie. The Nun wins the opening for a horror movie for 2018. Are you ready for a Wile E. Coyote movie? What about a sequel to A Quiet Place? We’ll discuss this and more.

EchoBase #160: News – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Listen in this week as Tim & Lou cover some recent news including Jon Kasdan’s insights on Solo, A Disney slow down on movies and some behind the scenes info from Ian McDiarmid.

MovieChatter #183: Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

This week we look at one of our favorite non-horror films, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil!

MovieChatter #182: A Quiet Place

Welcome to our series on “horror films for people who hate horror films!” This week we take a look at A Quiet Place, directed by its lead actor, John Krasinski, and co-starring his wife Emily Blunt.

Outer Rim #95: Andrea Strikes Back

We continue our coverage with what is considered by many to be the best film in the saga—The Empire Strikes Back!

RandomChatter Interviews #2.4: The Wonderful Thing About Lizzie

Lizzie joins us for her season two interview to talk about her journey in the past year, her own rebranding, and a new show she’s bringing to the network!

Outer Rim #93: An Old Hope (a.k.a. A New Andrea)

We go back to where it all started! When’s the last time you heard us sit down and focus on the original Star Wars film, A New Hope? Why does it still resonate today? What important elements do we sometimes still overlook? Don’t miss this episode of The Outer Rim as we go all the way back to the beginning!

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