Outer Rim #88: Collecting

This week we take a break from the movie discussions and talk about our experiences and interests in collecting! And we pitch a movie idea about a rather ambitious Gungan.

RandomChatter #186: So Much News!

Watchmen series on HBO! Jumanji sequel! DC Universe streaming service! And much, much more!

Echo Base #152: So Long, Sabacc!

Saturn Awards, fan awards, anniversary panels, Sabacc lawsuits, and more! Don’t miss this episode of Echo Base!

RandomChatter #185: The Bologna Analogy

Lou and Tim talk the Fox purchase, the Spider-Man title leak, the Roseanne spin-off, and DC’s confusing movie continuity.

Echo Base #151: Moving Forward

Lou and Tim take a look at the future of the spin-off films, the Fett movie, the upcoming streaming service, and more!

Outer Rim #87: The Andrea Menace

This week we take a look at The Phantom Menace, then Andrea and Fred make Erik give a spontaneous movie pitch with a slight pitch that might have changed the entire saga. Don’t miss this episode of The Outer Rim!

UPDATE: Please be warned that we do touch on some spoilers from Solo: A Star Wars Story.

RandomChatter #184: Summer Movie Draft

The Summer Movie Draft is here! Ant-Man & The Wasp! The First Purge! The Equalizer 2! The Predator! The Nun! The Meg! The Spy Who Dumped Me! Possibly more “The’s” than in any other movie draft so far!

Echo Base #150: Force Antennae or Over-Explanation?

Mike (Caped Chronicles) joins Lou and Erik to discuss the upcoming film projects and George’s original plan for the sequels! Also, the live-action series may begin filming this Fall, we may be getting Detours on the streaming network, and we get a new Sith lord joining official canon!

RandomChatter #183: Are My Drugs Real?

Star Trek: Discovery loses its show runners, Millie Bobby Brown loses her patience with Twitter hatred, Chris Hardwick loses his fans, AT&T gains Time Warner, Apple gains Oprah, Netflix gains video games, and a police department offers free testing for your illegal drugs. Go figure.

Echo Base #149: Woke Porgs

Lou, Katie, and Erik take a look at what’s going on behind the current state of fandom and how to move forward in a positive, constructive way. We also take a look at what Jim Rash (Community) reveals about his upcoming role on Star Wars Resistance, the new Star Wars game announced at E3, some book announcements, and a lot of tangents!

Getting Sidetracked #5: Floppy Bacon

Andrea presents Erik and Shannon with a barrage of popular/unpopular opinions, which they have to decide are either true or false. These range from silly (“Bacon is overrated”) to serious (“Money really can buy happiness”). This may be our most unusual episode yet, so be sure to join us for this week’s Getting Sidetracked!

Outer Rim #84: We’re Traveling Back to the Outer Rim!

Erik and Andrea are traveling back to The Outer Rim, and we want you to join us! That’s right, we’re spinning off from Echo Base and bringing you discussions on all kinds of Star Wars-related topics!

In this episode, we discuss rebooting the show, and we give a spoiler-filled analysis of Solo (don’t worry, we give plenty of spoiler warnings first!).

Echo Base #147: It’s a Movie, Not an Event

Are we treating Star Wars films differently than we treat other films (including other tentpole films)? It seems fans often treat Star Wars films as “events,” but might that be setting our expectations up for failure? This week we welcome Katie as a permanent host on Echo Base to look at Solo‘s performance at the box office and what it means (or doesn’t mean) to the world of Star Wars fandom. We then record an extended discussion segment with a spoiler-filled discussion of the Solo film (but don’t worry, we give plenty of spoiler warnings!).

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