Echo Base #127: Waiting for Solo

LEGO leaks some Solo ship designs and character names, though Lucasfilm still hasn’t given us a trailer, and they’re running out of time. Also, Ewan McGregor talks Kenobi, The Last Jedi gets a possible DVD release date, John Williams is doing a theme for Solo, and much more!

RandomChatter #161: Happy New Year!

Join Tim, Lizzie and Lou as they welcome the New Year, catch up on what they’ve been watching and harass Tim about his Movie Draft performance (or lack thereof).

Real Quick Reviews #7: Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Erik reviews Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

RC News Roundup for January 8, 2018

Erik returns with the first News Roundup of 2018!

Real Quick Reviews #6: Darkest Hour

Don’t miss Tim’s review of what’s being called the best film of the year, Darkest Hour!

Echo Base #126: Rian Speaks

Director Rian Johnson clarifies a lot about The Last Jedi, but he points out something our hosts consider a major problem (though they all loved the film). But the movie has dominated the box office, despite a Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score that reports are now saying may have been skewed. We cover some things you might have missed in your first viewing, discuss more about the movie, and ask a trivia question about past opening weekends. Don’t miss this jam-packed episode of Echo Base!

WARNING: This episode contains spoilers for Star Wars: Episode VIII — The Last Jedi.

RandomChatter #160: The Disney Empire

Listen to Tim, Lizzie and Lou for the last time of 2017 discuss the box office crushing, results of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the Disney acquisition of Fox, and Net Neutrality.

Movie Rampage #5: Christmas Films

Tim and Lizzie discuss Christmas films.

Echo Base #125: First Thoughts on The Last Jedi (SPOILERS!)

Lou, Erik, and Tim give their initial thoughts immediately after seeing the movie.

Echo Base #124: Waiting for The Last Jedi

Lou, Tim, and Erik prepare for the release of The Last Jedi.

Echo Base #123: What the Future May Bring

Do we want the story of Rey, Finn, and Poe to end with Episode IX? What do we know so far about Snoke? Might we see the Solo trailer soon? Based on Rian Johnson’s clarification, what can we expect from the new trilogy? Join us as we wait out the last ten days before The Last Jedi!

Crash Couch #20: A (Brief) Visit by Cas Anvar

The Crash Couch will no longer be posted on the RandomChatter Network. We are now apart of When Nerds Attack. Chris, Lou, & Andrea discuss these changes on this episode, and also share a brief interview with Cas Anvar that was recorded for them by Mike Templeton & Ernie Garcia at Stan Lee’s LA Comic-Con! If you have questions about the transition, please send us a message on our Twitter!

Echo Base #122: Porg Violence

One lucky fan wins a charity auction to learn Episode IX‘s plot (though there’s a catch), other fans petition to have Lucasfilm revoke EA’s license for Star Wars video games, and we have more tidbits about Episode VIII as we enter the last few weeks before its release!

Echo Base #121: Reaching a New Audience

What would it take for a live-action Star Wars television series to be successful with the non-fan, mainstream audience? What is it about other series that make them so successful? This week we take a look at the announcement of a live-action Star Wars series, the Jedi Challenge AR headset, new Galaxy’s Edge details, and more!

RandomChatter #157: No Justice for Justice League

Justice League has the worst opening of any DCU film, and fans on both sides are up in arms. Meanwhile, _The Punisher_ lands on Netflix, Sam Mendes is free for more Bond, and Amazon brings us more of Middle Earth. Erik fills in for Lizzie this week, as he joins Lou and Tim for a Justice-packed episode of RandomChatter!

Chasing Fandom Update!

Chasing Fandom is no longer on the RandomChatter Network, and has moved to When Nerds Attack. Click the link below to subscribe to the Chasing Fandom feed via iTunes or RSS. You can also search for it in Google Play or other podcast apps. Please contact @thecurseofchris on Twitter with any questions.


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