Echo Base #136: Winging It

This week we give our thoughts on the digital versus physical debate, on the upcoming Disney Resorts Star Wars experience, on what we want to see from the future of Star Wars, and more!

RandomChatter #170: The Perfect Dad Joke

Reports indicate possible problems with Deadpool 2, trailers are released for several childhood reboots, and Toys R Us is no more. Special guest and new network host April joins Tim and Lou to discuss these topics and more on this week’s RandomChatter!

RC News Roundup for March 13, 2018

Toys R Us may not exist much longer, Fox plans to cut commercials to two minutes per hour, an AI analyzes gender bias in movies, and Disney has a jam-packed movie lineup.

Getting Sidetracked #3: Video Games (part two)

Erik, Shannon, and Andrea discuss more of their favorite games, talk about undervalued puzzle games, the importance of game soundtracks, and how females are represented in video games and treated within the gaming community.

Echo Base #135: Farewell, Rebels

Special guest (and newest RandomChatter Network host) Jon joins us to discuss this week’s news and the final five episode of Star Wars Rebels. What happens to our heroes? What might their future bring? What does Tim think about Thrawn’s storyline? Listen this this week’s Echo Base to find out!

RandomChatter #169: A Boyfriend for Lou

Infinity War moves closer, Kevin Smith recovers, Disney gives $1 million to STEM centers, and much more in this week’s RandomChatter!

RandomQuotes #1: Move Quotes

Welcome to this special edition of RandomChatter, our “RandomQuotes” movie quotes game! Tim moderates the network hosts through a contest of quotes to determine who is the ultimate quotemeister!

Echo Base #134: A Connoisseur of Screams

Mark Hamill finally gets a star, the Wilhelm scream gets retired, Lucasfilm files a trademark for what might be the next animated series, and Rebels returns with a bang!

RandomChatter #168: Jumping the Slalom

Joss Whedon leaves Batgirl, Lost in Space finds a trailer, The Expanse returns soon, and much more in this week’s RandomChatter!

News Roundup for February 26, 2018

Havelock is Magnum, Muppets get rebooted again, and Netflix “pushes” things too far.

Echo Base #132: Too Much of a Good Thing?

More anthology films are coming. So is a new trilogy by Rian Johnson. And now a film series by Benioff and Weiss. And Bob Iger confirmed we’re getting “several” television projects for the new streaming service. Are we on the verge of hitting oversaturation? This week we discuss that plus more on Solo characters, the extent of George Lucas’s involvement on the Solo film, and much more!

Echo Base #130: Poe Just Got Lawyered!

Special guest and former JAG officer Tom Harper (ZZZ, @xxx) joins us to discuss some of the more controversial military and legal issues presented in The Last Jedi. Was the “Holdo Maneuver” feasible? Was Poe justified in his mutiny? In what circumstances is it acceptable to disobey a direct order? Additionally, with the final Rebels episodes on the horizon, what will be the fates of our favorite characters? Join us here at Echo Base for a discussion you won’t want to miss!


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