MC 224: Ranking on Flickchart

Which is a better movie, Get Out, or Se7en? The Mask, or Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? Terminator 2 or Ex Machina? In this episode of MovieChatter, we use Flickchart.com to rank some of our favorite movies!

MC 215: Director Cuts vs. Theatrical Releases

The Snyder Cut has really lit a fire under the topic of film edits. Why do we have director cuts? Are they better—or more valid—than theatrical releases? Which is the “official” version of the movie? We take a look at these questions, and more, on this week’s MovieChatter!

RC Bonusode – James Rollins Returns

New York Times Best Selling Author James Rollins returns to RandomChatter! We talk about his new book, Unrestricted Access, and more. Unrestricted access releases on September 29th!

Note that this special was released to Patreon Bonus and Premium Members before being released publicly.

RC Special: Home Talk 2 – Workspaces

Jon, Lou, and Tim are back for our second episode of Home Talk (or whatever we end up calling it). In this episode the guys talk about their work spaces.

RC 287: Mulan, Away, Cobra Kai, Aliens, Bill & Ted

On this episode of RandomChatter, we review Mulan, Away, Cobra Kai, several of the Aliens series, Bill & Ted Face the Music, and more!

EB 231: Not So Trivial

The Mandalorian returns soon, but we still don’t have a trailer! We do have some feedback from John Boyega, and we have a new trivia quiz from Dragoncon!

RC 286: Honoring a Hero

Sadly, we lost a hero who transcended the entertainment industry to affect the lives of millions. We also discuss The New Mutants and some announcements for new, upcoming projects!

RC 285: Reviews of Project Power, I Am Mother, The Witcher

This week we review of Project Power, I Am Mother, The Witcher, and more!

EB 230: Always in Motion

Yoda tells us the future is always in motion, and now Kathleen Kennedy is telling us the same thing. Also, The Sims visits Batuu, and LEGO deals with some trademark issues regarding The Razor Crest.

EB 229: Take Off the Binders!

We get into all kinds of interesting tangents on Echo Base this week as Erik, Lou, and Tom discuss new Ezra & Thrawn rumors, the upcoming Thrawn Ascendancy novel variant, new Hasbro announcements, and more!

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