RC 359: Renewals, Cancelations and More!

This week we’ve got lots of news about cancelations, renewals, and some brand new projects!

RC 358: Foundation, Kate, The Protégé

Reviews of Foundation [Apple TV+], Kate [Netflix], The Protégé, Being James Bond [Apple TV+], Squid Game [Netflix], What If? [Disney+], Mare of Easttown, Ghost Ship, The Poison Rose [Amazon Prive Video]

MC 255: Kate

Does this new Netflix release get lost among other similar films, or does it stand on its own? Join us as we give you our thoughts on Kate!

RC 357: Malignant, Rush: Cinema Strangiato

Reviews of Malignant [HBO Max], Rush: Cinema Strangiato, Only Murder in the Building, Escape Room: Tournament of Champions, See, and more!

MC 254: Snake Eyes, The Woman in the Window

One of the most iconic action figures of all time is brought back to life in a new film, but is Snake Eyes a worthy reboot or merely another franchise failure? Also, we look at a recent Netflix thriller starring Amy Adams, The Woman in the Window!

RC 356: Free Guy, Reminiscence, Snake Eyes

Reviews of Free Guy, Reminiscence, Snake Eyes, Only Murders in the Building, An Inspector Calls, The Courier, King Lear, Tales from the Loop, and more!

MC 253: The Suicide Squad

Some people are calling this new 2021 version of The Suicide Squad by James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy) the best DC movie ever, while others are saying it’s overrated. And our hosts are a bit mixed! Find out what we think on this episode of MovieChatter!

RC 355: The Suicide Squad, Transformers: Kingdom

Reviews of The Suicide Squad (that’s the newer one by James Gunn, not the first one by David Ayer), Transformers: War for Cybertron: Kingdom, Stowaway, The Woman in the Window, Masters of the Universe, Batman: The Long Halloween, A Quiet Place Part 2, and more!

RC 354: Disney Is the New Black Widow Villain?

Scarlett Johansson sues Disney (and Cruella’s Emma Stone may follow), Jodie Whittaker and the Doctor Who show runner will be departing after next season, and Netflix brings Pokemon to life!

RC 353: Jungle Cruise, Jolt

We review the new Disney movie Jungle Cruise, the new Amazon Prime action thrilled Jolt, the Apple TV+ documentary Watch the Sound, and much more!

MC 252: Jungle Cruise

MC 252: Jungle Cruise

Disney’s track record with movies based on their theme park rides have been very hit (Pirates of the Caribbean) or miss (Haunted Mansion). So how does Jungle Cruise hold up? Does it stay afloat and ride the rapids, or does it spring a leak and sink? More importantly, is it worth the $30 premium fee?

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