SHIELD: Case Files
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Awake, arise or be for ever fall’n in “Paradise Lost.”

SHIELD #316: Paradise Lost
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Show Notes:

Awake, arise or be for ever fall’n in “Paradise Lost.” Hive has made himself at home in Gideon Malick’s house. This worries Gideon, who believes a vision that he saw was his approaching death at the hands of Hive. His daughter Stephanie isn’t worried though. She believes that her father is still a powerful man. If only she knew of his past family betrayals…Coulson has taken most of the team to infiltrate a facility that could have potential benefits of stopping Hive. But Giyera has arrived first to destroy what they needed. SHIELD manages to capture Giyera, but this is no HYDRA minion. He not only frees himself, but takes control of their plane and takes them all to his boss. Jay and Josh draw rocks to see who has to do the most work on this week’s Case Files. Download now, and so you can decrypt the data-stream directly to your MP3 player!