Star Wars Celebration

This page has been set up Star Wars Celebration Anaheim.  Please check back for news regarding events that RandomChatter will be participating in, at Celebration.

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Schedule of Events, during Celebration:
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FC 67: Reboot Part Two: Recasting!

FC 63: Ahsoka Chapter 6 — Far, Far Away

Tom, Lou, Tim, and Erik break down the biggest episode of Ahsoka yet! We also take a look at some of the Internet analysis of the “greater power” Baylan was referring to, which may also tie in to what’s in the “containers” being moved! Lots of great stuff packed into this episode, so let’s dive in to this week’s ForceChatter!

FC 67: Reboot Part Two: Recasting!

FC 62: Ahsoka Chapter 5 — Shadow Warrior

Episode 5 of Ahsoka may be the biggest, most fan-favorite episode of any Star Wars series so far! So which of our hosts felt underwhelmed by it, and why? Join Lou, Tim, and Erik as they take a look at the various implications of this episode, as well as a discussion of what may be coming in the galaxy far, far away!

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