For our 25th episode we start with a breakdown of four of this year’s biggest movie trailers: Dr. Strange, Suicide Squad, TMNT: Out of the Shadows, and Rogue One.

Then, to celebrate an important mile-marker for our podcast, we took The Retro Convo on a road trip to Springfield, (insert State here), to visit our favorite family… the Simpsons!

For a show that has remained a powerhouse in our lives, and is now entering its 27th season, we were only able to skim the surface with 5 of our favorite episodes. So many memories are attached to this family, but more-so for our host, Raul – this is his favorite show of all time! We think you’ll enjoy listening to this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it, and hope you’ll laugh along with us as we relive the moments that made Homer the funniest man to ever be animated. Doh!

Hosts: Ernie, Randy, Raul, and Mike
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