To kick off filming of Bond 25, Barbara Broccoli assembled a panel of notables in one of the most iconic Bond locations… Jamaica.  Jamaica, of course, was the setting for the first Bond film, Dr. No, and was the location which, in the real world, Ian Flemming penned his first Bond novels. 

This morning’s event gave us some reveals, but most notably did not reveal a title.  They did indicate that the film will begin in Jamaica and that Bond will “not be on active service at the start of the film”.  Is Bond simply on holiday or has he retired? 

We were also told that Norway and Italy would be among the filming locations for Bond 25.  Director Cary Joji Fukunaga mentioned that some filming has already occurred in Norway.  At the end of the broadcast, they also showed the construction of a villa on Jamaica, which they did indicate was a set.  I’m assuming this will be Bond’s residence. 

They also revealed the headlining cast. 

Ralph Fiennes – Returning as M

Lea Seydoux – Returning as Dr. Madeleine Swann

Naomie Harris – Returning as Moneypenny

Ben Whishaw – Returning as Q

Rory Kinnear – Returning as Tanner (M’s Chief of Staff)

Jeffrey Wright – Returning as Felix Leiter (Note: I’m VERY excited about this!  We haven’t seen Felix since Casino Royale)

Dali Benssalah – New to Bond, role unknown

Billy Magnussen – New to Bond, role unknown

Ana De Armas – New to Bond, role unknown

David Dencik – New to Bond, role unknown

Lashana Lynch – New to Bond, role unknown (we know her recently from her role as Maria Rambeau in Captain Marvel)

Rami Malek – New to Bond.  While his role is unknown, he is believed to be the primary villain in the film

Needless to say, I’m incredibly excited about this.  While a title would have been great, I don’t think it would have really told us much.  I’m looking forward to seeing what gets revealed in the coming months.